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June 8, 2024

Read here to know the difference between sharara suits & patiala suits

Ethnic wear has some really dizzying types of options. There are your basic salwar kameez, the chudidar kurtas, the sharara set, the Patiala suits and so on. Though these might seem same, but there are some huge differences between all these types of ethnic wear, their designs and final presentations. For example, you might be confused between the sharara and the Patiala suits because of their almost similar appearance. However, there are one grave points of difference between these two styles of attire. Read about them below.

1. The actual appearance— When we talk about the patiala suits the appearance is very much similar to the basic salwar kameez, except of the flared bottoms. While a sharara suit has a totally different style of bottom, contradicting the traditional salwar’s style largely.

2.  The style of stitch — Even the style of stitching of the sharara suit and the patiala suits is quite different. You will find that the patiala suit’s top or the kameez reaches maximum to your knees. It is accompanied with a bottom which is called the Patiala salwar that is full of pleats and has a narrow bottom near your ankles. This kind of stitching gives it a unique, flared look in the between. However, the sharara suit consists of a top of kameez that may be as small as the one reaching below your waist, or it can be mid-length that reaches your thighs, or even long which turns up till below your calf. Even the bottom of this suit is pretty different as it resembles the skirts of the western wear and is always of full length reaching your ankles.

 3. The origin — The origin of the patiala suits range behind in the 1960s from the Patiala town of Punjab, India. That is where it got its name the “patiala suit”. It is said that the queen of that era got it stitched by her tailors and since then it was quite popular not just in the royal people of the country, but even the locals started to mimic the style. Since then, Punjab has been creating some really fashionable and gorgeous pieces of patiala suits in millions and people from all over the nation just love to float this attire. While when we talk about the sharara suit, it is said to be Lebanon or Yemen originated that was imported in India in the 1960s through the Mughal dynasty. Since then, even this attire got a lot of love from all across the country and that is why is worn by many women here.

4. The comfort factor — The patiala suits can be comfortable to the women who love to carry salwar with lots of pleats  and a baggy appearance. Yes, no doubt the top is very comfortable just like a normal kurti in the ethnic attire. However the sharara suit consider a bit of festive and party wear in India and can be comfortable to the females who like wearing long skirts occasionally. However, this one is often with lot of flare so carrying it can be quite difficult on casual events.