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April 14, 2024

Reading about Happy Coffee – what it can do for you

Smart coffee is supposed to give people a boost of energy, minus the jitters associated with caffeine. Its benefits? Making them happy, helping them sleep better, improve the focus and help them lose unwanted and excess weight.

This does sound too good to be true. The first time its users heard about it and went to try it, they thought it would be like something magical coming from the skies. For them, it was something magical without a doubt.

What is smart coffee anyway?

To start, let us understand a bit about coffee first. Coffee is the delivery mechanism for a unique blend of natural and formulated nootropics (botanical in origin). They work with the body to promote hormones causing the body to be in a state of happiness, naturally. How does it do it naturally? By raising the levels of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

For those who are not sure over what a nootropic is, they can try searching about it on Google. If they don’t want to use Google, then we have something for them:

A nootropic is a substance that can improve cognitive function as well as memory, creativity and motivation. This sounds better than any drug, and anyone could really wish to use some of it.

For instance, Caffeine is a nootropic. But it is only one of many. Smart coffee has roughly the same amount of caffeine just as much as a regular cup of good old coffee. Also, there is a version of hot chocolate that has only a small amount of caffeine for those that need it. Just to note, it does taste good.

Is smart coffee just like Happy Coffee?

There are some coffee drinks hanging around making a load of claims about healthy weight loss. Most of them do have the ingredients that work a lot like diet pills. Also, no one is looking for feelings of being frantic and jittery.

Hence, Happy Coffee reviews have not been that bad and in fact, it is as good as any other smart coffee. Even its users have a Facebook group dedicated to it.

Since smart coffee works with the body to make and balance the body’s own hormones for happiness hence, people will more likely to feel more than just positive, and even better than having an aritificial feeling of being elevated; it brings satisfaction and joy.

Those who use smart coffee feel more balanced and clear-headed. It is easier to laugh at small things, be worried about them, and letting go of little annoyances becomes easier. It does not make anyone feel strange or backwards.

It helps if people understand the kind of hormones getting impacted and what they do for their body. They can always find samples of Happy Coffee to see if this works for them, or not.

Here is what Happy Coffee does to some hormones

Raises the level of dopamine, the reward hormone

The zing people get from eating a brownie when they are worried, or when a bunch of people love an Instagram user’s post, these feelings help raise the level of dopamine.

Improve the level of Oxytocin, the bonding hormone

The first time anyone held their baby and fell in love with it, that feeling is triggered by Oxytocin. Other than that, those who feel like having a special snuggle time with their parents and kids, that is also triggered by Oxytocin. This hormone also plays a role in terms of stress and addiction.

The great regulating hormone, Serotonin

Serotonin helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite, desire, memory and of course, what we all love; sleep.

It also triggers Endorphins, the relief hormone

This is the good stuff produced by the human body. Why so? Because it helps relieve stress and pain. It can also make people feel euphoric (without having to worry about either addiction or overdose). If people do not know what is a runner’s high, they should understand that it is basically endorphins at work in full gear.


It may sound too good to be true, but it is true and Happy Coffee is no drug. You want to lose some weight? You want to get rid of stress? You don’t want to be unhappy? Sit back and have a cup of good old Happy Coffee.

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