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April 17, 2024
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Redesign the kitchen at a low cost

The kitchen is the area where the wife and mother prepare delicious food, where the family gathers and builds relationships. So, designing the kitchen to be both beautiful, neat, and cost-effective is what everyone wants. Here are the latest economical kitchen redesign tips that you should refer to.

1. What style of kitchen design?

Currently, there are many beautiful kitchen styles for you to choose from. However, for the kitchen to be reasonable and modern, you need to design the kitchen in a style that is consistent with the whole house.

Neoclassical style kitchen

Neoclassical kitchens often bring back the luxurious, modern beauty and aesthetic taste of the owner. The color gamut for the neoclassical style is still white with yellow, deep brown.

Minimalist style kitchen

Minimalist style is also often used by many families today. The minimalist kitchen will become comfortable with smart, no-frills furniture. The kitchen space is also neat.

Modern style kitchen

Modern style kitchen prioritizes the use of the most modern appliances. Modern kitchen furniture is also used good materials, modern, luxurious colors.

2. Necessary furniture to design a beautiful kitchen

  • Kitchen cabinets, kitchen shelves: Choose high-quality, durable, and easy-to-clean kitchen  cabinets and shelves
  • Kitchen design with kitchen island:  The kitchen island is used as a small dining table, a bar at home
  • Dining table:  The dining table makes the kitchen more polite
  • Using an induction hob instead of a gas stove for a modern kitchen:  Using an induction hob is safer and more suitable for a more modern kitchen.
  • Deodorizer – hood:  Use a hood for small, narrow kitchen spaces to avoid odors
  • Trash cans: Trash cans are often hidden inside the drawers to help keep the space from being cluttered and unsightly. However, you still have to regularly clean to keep the kitchen clean.
  • Decorative lights:  Kitchen lights make the space shimmer and the meal more romantic.

You can refer to buying the above furniture to redesign your kitchen so that it is most reasonable. Moreover, there are many discount codes and coupons for furniture included that will help you save a lot of money when buying.

3. Notes when designing a beautiful kitchen

Beautiful kitchen interior

Kitchen furniture plays an important role in determining the beauty of the kitchen. You need to base on the design to choose kitchen furniture: suitable for design style, safe and good materials, elegant colors, reasonable size. In addition, you can also use small kitchen decoration items such as shelves, plants, and chopsticks with new and funny shapes.

Color for the kitchen

The color for the kitchen is also often in harmony with the whole design of the house. Usually, 2-bedroom apartments will have a kitchen that is transparent with the living room, so the transparency between the kitchen and the living room needs to have a uniformity in design style and main color. Modern kitchen design often uses less hot colors, instead of neutral colors: gray, white, black, brown. These colors ensure the kitchen looks cleaner, more modern luxury, and easy to color with kitchen items.

In addition, you should choose the dining table with the same color and material as the kitchen shelf to create perfect uniformity.

Order of arrangement of modern kitchen furniture

After finding the right style, color, and kitchen designs, you need to take the time to arrange the furniture. Initially, you should arrange the large-area furniture first, then the small items. You can optimize space by arranging small items on large items.

Design with open space

If the kitchen in the past was often “disadvantaged” by little investment and hidden design behind the house, now the kitchen is very focused on exploiting space. Because to create delicious meals, cooks also need inspiration from the kitchen. That is also the reason why kitchen interior design needs to be highly applicable and easy to use. The kitchen space should also have natural light, create an open space, reduce rough corners. In addition, smart furniture should be used in the kitchen to maximize space use.

Use furniture that is easy to clean

With the nature of frequent cleaning and cleaning, the kitchen furniture needs to have materials that are easy to clean and do not stick to dirt. Metal items are the perfect choice for a modern kitchen. Kitchen shelves should use durable, less fussy stones to make it easy to clean the kitchen.

Use a durable, anti-slip kitchen floor

When cooking, you need to move constantly in small spaces. The floor will easily get caught in water causing slippery. Therefore, the kitchen floor should use anti-slip, durable material due to the need to clean and contact a lot of water and other cleaning agents.

4. Why invest in kitchen design?

A beautiful kitchen will bring inspiration to cook

The beautiful, fully functional kitchen will help you get inspired to cook for your family. A delicious meal in a beautiful kitchen will bring good health to the whole family and help bond people in the family more.

Modern kitchen design, helping to cook quickly

With a modern and smart interior design kitchen, you will perform cooking steps faster, saving a lot of time for cooking. The kitchen is reasonably designed as the location of the items also helps you save time in arranging and cleaning.

Kitchen design helps your home space become beautiful and unified

Owning a beautiful home is the dream of many people. And of course, the kitchen is always an indispensable part to create the ideal living space. The kitchen and living room are often united together in one space. When in the living room position, you can see the whole kitchen scene. So just designing a beautiful living room is not enough for an ideal living space. Take care of your kitchen like any other space to live a fuller life.


Hopefully, with the above article, you will find a beautiful and suitable kitchen design for your apartment. Don’t forget to use discount codes and coupons when buying kitchen design furniture to save money. Good luck with your application.

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