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July 19, 2024
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Sew at Home And/or Adjust Curtain Alterations Dubai

Window treatments can change the proportions of the window and change the proportion and mood of the room. Out of the many options you can choose from, there are a number of factors to consider. Some of the factors include:

• The type of window you are decorating.
• Your budget and
Effects you want to achieve in the room

Traditionally, the curtains are lined up and the curtains are not used. Both styles are generally hung from a rod or pole.

When choosing a window treatment, consider the shape, size, and location of the windows, in addition to the curtain alterations dubai room’s function, decor, and color scheme. When planning your window coverings, make sure they don’t interfere with your ability to open or close your windows.

In addition to providing privacy, window coverings reduce light levels and reduce glare. The huge difference in light levels causes eye strain. But translucent or white or light-colored curtains can reduce the effect of glare by diffusing light entering the room. When the curtains are colored or colored, the light passing through the curtains will give the room that color.

Window treatments are most effective when they can be turned on or off to change the amount of natural light in the room. This may require two or three different treatments to meet both the function and design requirements for the window and room.

I will use my living room as an example. I have a translucent curtain (Also known as a glass curtain, it hangs closest to the window glass), which is paired with a blackout curtain that opens and closes above the mesh curtain. Both curtains are finished with valance. (Soft heads are often made with matching curtains.) This works wonderfully and serves the intended purpose in my living room.

If desired, translucent curtains can be used, blackout curtains that can be tied back over translucent curtains on the sides. Then covered with a lotus (Decorative head mounted on a box-like structure)

Once you have an original design in mind and take a look at the different designs, you might be pleasantly surprised!

By combining the two above, a mesh or glass curtain helps diffuse light into the room, blackout curtains block out unwanted light, and the cornice or valance (whatever) changes the window’s proportions.

If you want to change the window aspect ratio, keep the following points in mind:
1.To make tall windows appear shorter, attach curtains so that the top edge is above the top of the window openings.

  1. Another way to lower the window height is to use a valance in the center of the top edge of the window and combine it with a long panel with similar heading sizes on both sides.
    3.To make a narrow window wider, place a curtain panel on either side of the actual window surface, keeping the glass open in the window.
    4.To make a wide window look narrower, cover some of the glass surfaces on each side with a curtain down to the floor.
    5.To feel more distance between the ceiling and the window when the top of the window is closer to the ceiling, hang the valance from the ceiling that extends over the curtain.