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April 14, 2024
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Smart work for IAS preparation – How to get your priorities right?

As the Civil Services Examination 2021 is approaching and there is not much time left. It becomes absolutely important for the aspirants to focus on the smart work at this stage. They should look for the alternatives for covering the maximum syllabus in minimum time. They should also utilise the last months of their UPSC CSE preparation with utmost care. For better understanding of UPSC CSE syllabus and examination pattern, aspirants can follow Best IAS Academy in Bangalore.

Smart work for IAS preparation can very profoundly mean working efficiently to save the time and energy. Such smart study when compared to conventional ways of study is expected to deliver better results and hence good score. The primary motive IAS aspirants should be to clear the examination. Knowledge should definitely be the focus, and it should ultimately put to use. The team from the Best IAS coaching in Bangalore recites the ways to cover the syllabus comprehensively for the aspirants.

The various ways in which candidates can align their priorities are described as follows:-

  • Follow video lectures: It is a classic science, the mind tends to remember what is seen more than what is read. The video lectures made by the experts can really help aspirants in understanding the topics. Aspirants must subscribe to the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore for reaping the benefits.
  • Learn to interconnect: The subjects become really interesting when you learn to interconnect it with the other subjects. The syllabus of UPSC CSE must be covered in an integrated manner.  There is no separate strategy for prelims and mains. A thorough understanding of the topics will help you in both stages. To know about the various stages in which civil services examination is conducted, you can follow the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore. 
  • Study in the form of stories: When you study the topics as if it were stories especially subjects like history and geography. You tend to remember the dates and the chronology of events more vividly. 
  • Discuss with pears: Toppers often stress upon the fact that how important it is to stay near your tribe. The constant discussion about what all you studied in your day, group studies and collective answer writing can truly enhance the quality of your preparation. The classroom discussions furnished by Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka offers a wholesome environment for the aspirants to grow.
  • Go for summaries: sometimes, students can face a burden of time crunch. Especially in the last months of the preparation. There is undeniably a lot to study for Civil services and students might face a difficulty in tapping all the areas. In that particular situation, aspirants can follow the textbook summaries and the personal notes prepared by them. It can save a lot of time and energy. The online summaries provided by Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore contain good quality and enriched content.
  • Revise regularly: The key to clear UPSC CSE lies in revision. The periodic and regular revision can increase the retention power of the aspirants. It can make the preparation concise and fulfilling.
  • Practice answer writing: The continuous answer writing for at least 6 months is the minimum that an aspirant must focus on to sail through mains examination. Answer writing structures the information in the minds of aspirants. The daily answer writing sessions by Civil services coaching in Bangalore are one among the best sources an aspirant can follow.
  • Understand, don’t mug up: The quantity of the hours you study is more important than the quality of the knowledge. You should focus on understanding rather than completing. There is no use of the hours spent on studying if you have not understood the concept. The trick of UPSC is conceptual clarity. The question pattern in the examination is application based and for that matter the concepts must be clear. For better simplification of the topics, the team from IAS Coaching centres in Bangalore brings out the best for the aspirants.
  • Know what not to read: The syllabus of UPSC CSE is so vast and lengthy that even a year would not seem enough. Not talking about the dynamic current affairs part. So an aspirant must follow the technique of filtering. They should know what to study and more importantly what not to study. The analysis of past year papers will help aspirants in this aspect.

The aforementioned points will help the aspirants in making the best from their preparation. It is extremely important for the candidates to break their goals and follow the time table. The preparation for IAS can become very challenging if pursued without the right approach. you can always go to the team of UPSC Coaching classes in Bangalore in case of doubts. Hope the article answers your questions.