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April 19, 2024

Tekken 3 Game for Android and PC: All you need to know about

Tekken 3 download

Tekken means an iron fist in Japanese. The first version of Tekken was launched on the 3rd of August 1995. Tekken is a Japanese media franchise game based on a series of fighting.

Tekken was developed by Bandai Namco, the same company that developed Pacman. It was designed and developed by Bandai Namco Studios and launched or published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Tekken is a franchise; it is most popular among the children, often to the eighteen age group. It is a violent hand-to-hand combat game. The developers designed Tekken; Katsuhiro Harada, Yasuki Nakabayashi, Seiichi Ishii, Yuichi Toyama, Landon Nguyen, Yasuhiro Noguchi. You can read about them more if it pleases you.

Who and when Tekken launched?

Namco published Tekken in the year 1995

However, in 2005, Namco was merged with another company named Bandai.

Bandai Namco is a multinational Entertainment video game publisher located in Japan with headquarters in Minato-Ku, Tokyo. Its international branches, Bandai Namco Entertainment United States of America and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, are located in California at Santa Clara (United States of America) and France (Europe) at Lyon. 

The plot of the Game Tekken 3

The third version of Tekken, Tekken 3, became famous as it introduced the players to a new cast of characters for the game. There were twenty-one characters in the earlier versions of the game, but the latest version introduced twenty-seven characters.

What is the story of Tekken 3?

Heihachi Mishima has been the game’s main boss character or antagonist since the first series. He is the leader of a military organization known as the Tekken force.

The new villain in this series is an Ogre ( an ogre is a mythological creature believed to be a large hideous-looking monster who eats human beings).

Tekken 3 is an entertaining game available for both arcade and consoles. It can also be played on PlayStation, Xbox, and Personal Gaming Computers. It is so popular that it has crossed all geographical boundaries and become a universally loved video game. Tekken was also widely commercially successful.

Tekken 3 is critically the most commercially successful in the series of Tekken. It sold more than eight million copies to date, with more than one million in its origin country Japan. Tekken 3 is the third best-selling fighting game of all time.

Tekken 3 Franchise

Tekken 3 has been adapted in a series of the media franchise. It has been considered to be released as a streaming television series by Netflix in the year 2022. An Original video animation anime series named Tekken: The Motion Picture, a two-part series, was released in 1998.

Afterward, Tekken was included for several media franchises such as the Tekken: Bloodline Vengeance, Tekken Hybrid Collection, etc. Tekken’s theme-based merchandise is also trendy, such as theme-based Tops, T-Shirts, School bags, pencil boxes, and other stationery products. Tekken posters and stickers were also widely sold and bought. 

How to download Tekken 3 Game for Android and PC?

Tekken 3 download is available for Android and PC on the links given below: 


Difference between arcade games and console games

Arcade games

An arcade game is also called a coin-operated game. An arcade is a machine generally set up in public places like restaurants, pubs and bars, shopping malls, game stations, game parlors, and amusement parks. Most arcade games are considered games that require skills such as coordination of hands, fingers, and eyes. It also requires intense concentration to become a top scorer. These games are not merely based on luck. A Pinball machine is an arcade.

Arcade video games were first introduced in the early 1970s. Arcade video games use electric, digital or computerized equipment to take inputs from the players and convert the information into an output.

Console games

Atari 2600 is an example of a console video game. Console video games are those games for which especially designed hardware is required. Nintendo is an example of a console. The console devices have a screen on which the games are displayed, and it is necessary to have a controller to operate the game and control the players on the screen. Usually, an analogous joystick is used as the controller for a console. Consoles require an audio-video device.

Some examples of console games are Fifa 22, Grand Theft Auto series, etc.

Positive reviews for Tekken 3 Game

Tekken 3 has a 9.9 out of 10 on GameSpot, a score of 96 percent on Metacritic.

Arjun: One of my cousins introduced me to video games, and Tekken 3 was my first video game. I love The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3 (Tekken 3). This video game also made me a fan of martial art movies and learn self-defense.

However, we should not forget that in this era of digitalization, when most students and teenagers tend to suffer from social anxiety and feel socially uncomfortable, any video game should be played only for a limited period. It is very natural for the target audience to forget reality and live in a world of video games. To prevent oneself from eyesight problems, headaches caused due to prolonged screen time and various other ailments such as wrong posture, etc. time yourself when you play any video game, keep a distance from the screen of about twenty-five centimeters. Make video games a part of your life, not your life.

In a Nutshell

I would like to tell you that Tekken 3 is an excellent game to get you involved for some entertainment and an adrenaline rush while playing the hero of the game.

It is an eye-catching, fun fantasy game that mesmerizes the player. It will take you to another world and make you forget the hustle and bustle of your regular life.

People of all ages can play it. 

Tekken 3 was one of the most popular games because it attracted great mass towards it. Now it is available in different versions and editions supported by various devices such as Xbox, Playstation 4, Nintendo, etc.

Enjoy a good game!