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April 17, 2024
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The New Popular and Affordable Living Accommodations in Singapore


Are you a working professional, student or expat looking for an affordable room for rent in Singapore? Then co-living spaces can be the best solution for you. 

Over the past few years, co-living spaces have gained a lot of popularity among the youth because of the stress-free, and pocket-friendly lifestyle it provides to its residents. It is a facility where a person rents a roomoften with an en-suite bathroom and shared amenities that include a kitchen, communal lounge, gym, and more. The tenants also get a chance to live with other like-minded people. It is the best solution for urban loneliness. Its benefits are multiple, but the most convincing are affordability, convenience, comfort, and community. Sharing a home with other people is a lot more affordable than renting an apartment, especially when additional costs like furniture and utilities are also taken into consideration.

While living in a communal space, you enjoy a hassle-free-living as they have a professional arrangement to look after cleaning, maintenance, and repairs like plumbing, electrician, and others – making your life very easy and comfortable. Some of these space offers housekeeping services for your room too. The best part is that it provides 24-hour CCTV surveillance and security to ensure the security of its tenants. 

Having roommates with similar mindsets and sometimes occupations as well helps to create an environment that is beneficial for all. If you are a student, living with a student and if you are a working professional, living with a working professional helps a lot as they can understand what are you going through and also they can be helpful when you get stuck in some issues.

Living in such spaces has less financial burden, constant community support, group activities, and a sense of belonging instead of a sense of missing out. Co-living attracts younger generations especially digital nomads, freelancers, and millennials, as it either involves low or no security deposit, short-term rental contracts. If a person job requires him or her to travel a lot around the world then, communal spaces are best for them. 

The Covid 19 pandemic situation has not only adversely affected our physical well being, financial status but has also impacted our emotional, mental, and psychological health. Human beings are social animals and cannot exist alone. Living indoors and working from home with the least physical interactions with our friends and family has taken a toll on our social life as well. 

In such conditions, co-living has proved to be a boon for its residents. It is a community in disguise. The inhabitants get an opportunity to network, socialize and hang around with other people. The common facilities like the social kitchen, reading room, and others have increased the sense of togetherness among the tenants. It’s easy to have more friends in such living conditions. The studies have shown that the social interactions that communal living provides improves health and increases life expectations. It also provides a well-equipped in-house gym that ensures that the occupants maintain their physical fitness too without going to expensive gyms. 

In the post-pandemic world, many companies have shifted to work from home model permanently. Although work from home may continue for some more time, everyone is still finding it difficult to face the challenges it brings and the impact it has on professional and personal life. Co-living systems are helping their inhabitants to overcome these challenges and have a healthy life balance while maintaining mental peace.

Here I am linking one of the preferred spaces for those searching affordable room for rent in CBD Area and room for rent in Jurong West, Singapore, offering three types of ensuites: Single, Twin, and Queen Suites according to your preferences. Its proximity to the central business district, shopping areas, restaurants, and lessen commuting time are some of the factors so many people especially working people are opting for it.

The atmosphere and the different events conducted at these facilities have helped the residents to overcome a lot of loneliness problems. It has conducted events like virtual workshops and online fitness sessions for its residents that have increased interactions within the community so that they feel more connected and socialized. The well-organized facilities and amenities just like the reading lounge provide a calm and positive environment that helps tenants to stay stress-free in such pandemic times.

As everyone is aligned with the co-living environment. It is the biggest benefit of living together. The residents get familiar with each other and keep a check with everyone, communicate well, and spend quality time with each other. It is a kind of good life experience that makes a person social as well as independent. People learn how to come out of their shells and build new relations with others. This has an overall impact on the person’s personality.