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July 19, 2024
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Time Management Tips for UPSC IAS Exam Preparation

UPSC IAS exam is a very calculative exam. All the sections in UPSC IAS exam are quite calculative in terms of your ability. An aspirant can clear the exam once he might be able to manage the time schedule for preparation of UPSC IAS exam. Following article is a must read for those aspirants who are looking for time management tips for UPSC IAS exam preparation. 

  1. Make a strict time-table

A time table is the first content of Time Management. A realistic time table is the backbone of preparation. It should not be too tight or too easy. It must cover all the necessary syllabus at least once and must include the revision time before the final exam. 

  1. Self discipline

Self Discipline is very important in UPSC preparation. Once you decide to prepare for UPSC, self discipline must be reflected in your actions. Self discipline provokes better chances to clear the UPSC exam. If you want to clear the UPSC exam you must follow the discipline, if someone else is always reminding you about what you do? What should you do? Then consider that you are not prepared yet to start preparation for UPSC. So, always be in a discipline to prepare for the Online IAS Coaching.  

  1. Set up the daily targets

Your daily deadlines regarding time and syllabus must be set and it must be followed strictly. A daily evaluation of your target must be done by you and always check whether you are correct as of schedule or behind or ahead of it. According to it, your further study plan should be prepared. 

  1. Divide the syllabus and plan it accordingly

UPSC Syllabus is wide to prepare. The first step is to understand the syllabus. After this syllabus must be divided into modules or packages as per your convenience. Then it must be scheduled like this that all the syllabus must be covered within the time frame. A reserve time slot for revision must be included in your consideration. Only After this you must start your preparation. It is very risky to start your preparation without doing these steps.   

  1. Learn to control your anxiety and stress

All the aspirants who are preparing for the UPSC exam get stressed before the exam. Many aspirants sacrifice their social life and study for so long in a room. This is the reason for stress and anxiety. Always keep in your mind that you are preparing for the toughest exam and it needs hard work. For this, you should learn how you can control your anxiety and stress. Continuous studying can give you anxiety and stress. So, relax your mind by doing your favorite hobby. You can be anxious during exams also. You have to be calm if you don’t know some answers. Anxiety and nervousness can spoil your whole preparation. So, before going for the exam, control your anxiety and stress and do your best.

  1. Avoid distraction during preparation

During your preparation, several times you will get distracted but keep in your mind distraction is really not good for your preparation. Avoid the people who demotivate you. When you are studying for UPSC, it can be stressful because there is no shortcut for success. You have to work hard. For this always stay motivated and cut off with the things which distract you. You can join a study will give you positive energy and you can observe your preparation level by comparing others.

  1. Break time

Take a short break during your studies. Break time is very important for refreshing your body and mind. Many studies have shown that taking a short break gives you positivity and increases your retention power and efficiency. When you study for so long, it’s common to lose concentration. Taking short breaks maintains your study performance. You can utilize your break time by doing such things which relax your mind. Go for a walk in the evening and morning for fresh air. Listen to your favourite music and talk to your family for positivity.

  1. Regular evaluation by solving mock papers

Mock Papers play an important role in UPSC exam preparation. Practising mock test practice enures you with time management, so that every required question must be covered. Legacy IAS Academy in Bangalore provides best mock papers for IAS exams. The more questions present in the paper will raise the chances to clear the exam.  

  1. Healthy diet and good sleep

“A healthy brain can live in a healthy body”. UPSC IAS preparation is a disciplined task. Aspirants must follow a healthy diet and a good amount of daily sleep. So that every next morning aspirants must feel fresh and continue their studies without any interruption by health issues. A good diet and sleep must be part of the time schedule for UPSC IAS exam.

  1. Review and reassess the time schedule

Aspirants must review and reassess the time schedule from time to time. This will help to recognize whether aspirants need to make any changes in order to be in the right direction of preparation for the UPSC IAS exam.

Time Management is one of the most important tools to clear the UPSC exam. Every aspirant must focus on Time Management. Above stated attributes are important time management tips for UPSC IAS Exam preparation. Aspirants are specially advised to always be clear with time frames for every section separately. Answers in the written exam section are a challenge to deal with, to the point, writing style, accurately and must reach upto minimum length. Aspirants must practice all the written parts of the exam, so that they must not lag behind to score in these parts of UPSC IAS exam.