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April 15, 2024
Career Education

Tips and Tricks to Clear Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification

This Certification of Certified Associate in Project Management is for administrators of the project and who wish to show their first step on more project management performance or their ability in the skills. Everyone who has a secondary degree and to a certain extent of knowledge must have at least a minimum of 1,500 hours of project team experience is required.

1. Study the entire PMBOK® Guide

Any CAPM aspirant wishes to study the PMBOK® Guide at least a single time, if not twice. The PMBOK® Guide is the main source for assessment questions, indefinitely you wish to know it. Second, reading the PMBOK® Guide all the way which grant you to get more information about its organization, which will guide you to look into the main topics in the future. If you are not a member of PMI you need to purchase a PMI’s stock and for the member of (PMI)®  Project Management Institute, then you will get a digital copy for free.

2. Study other study materials

If you start studying other study materials and other sources online they will describe few topics that are not necessary for the exam so that you can skip it and start focusing on the concepts that are important to clear the examination. And make sure to study the topics that you have skipped in the future that could help in preparing for the PMP exam.

3. Develop the study plan and timings for better results

You need a proper method and plan for the preparation of the exam and to clear it and study in manageable timings and establish limitations to proceed further. The study plan constitutes what source you are trying to study, the number of hours your planning to spend per day, what are the subjects you have plan to study, and what kind of materials you will use.

Even you can change your routine plans according to your practice test results.

4. Identify Project managers who are experienced

If you are a beginner in project management, you will not understand all the concepts completely which are in PMBOK® Guide. This understanding is a must to get success in the examination since understanding and memorizing entire ITTOs is very complex and will not help you in the future. Make sure to select an expert project manager who will make you understand all the concepts and study materials. Even You might search for the local PMI chapters who have the CAPM or PMP certifications.

5. Prepare for practicing text and scheduling process early

It involves the PMP application which you still need to prepare it for CAPM. And your data information should be ready by the experience and education hours and plan to provide the documentation in the event of a PMI audit.

In the testing center if you find any difficulty, PMI conducts online proctored testing for CAPM examination. Those who live very far from the testing center this is a great option for everybody. You will also learn more about PMI.

6. Manage your confidence level and time during the examination

Manage your time and confidence during the exam that gives you the best chance to clear the examination. And during the first round of the exam don’t spend to much time on a single question, just take a maximum time of 30 seconds for each question and mark some difficult question and which you think it will take time to complete. After completing your first round, spend time on the unanswered questions. And make sure that you will not leave a single question as blank and make sure that you have attempted all the questions.


The CAPM certification can be a good augmentation to your resume and it helps you to get better opportunities ahead in the future for a much longer time. One should be updated in all the trends of the project management tendency which is essential for the adoption of an agile process and advanced technology for the present project managers nowadays. This certification of CAPM which directly helps you in an uncomplicated process into advanced processes in the future which will improve the production in quality.