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July 19, 2024

Top 5 Apps for NEET Preparation in Kerala

NEET has been the doorstep to a promising life. The aspirants undergo extensive coaching and preparation to win the extremely challenging exam. Besides the difficult question pattern, the number of participants is what makes NEET a tough mount to climb.

The situation consequent to the global pandemic has certainly cast dark shadows over the dreams of the students. Many couldn’t pursue NEET coaching owing to the travel restrictions and COVID regulations that prevented traditional classes. Of course, reputed academies set up facilities for online NEET coaching in Kerala and other states.

The internet has erased geographical limitations. NEET candidates can now undergo coaching at the institution of their choice beyond boundaries. Online NEET coaching has been flourishing and it has been proved effective.

Leading NEET coaching centres have introduced comprehensively developed NEET preparation mobile apps as well. Students can use the apps for medical entrance preparation in Kerala and other places.

We are introducing you to some of the best apps for online NEET coaching.

Alpha Academy App

One of the most renowned entrance coaching academies in India, Alpha Academy,  has introduced a mobile app to fortify their online coaching segment. NEET preparation app, from the institution, has won the appreciation of the students with its state-of-the-art design factors that offer an interactive preparation process. The app has become the top one in online NEET coaching in Kerala.

Alpha Academy app has an extensive collection of previous years’ question papers, provision for countless mock tests, practice sessions including analytical data to understand the issues, real-time assistance, and many other exclusive features.


Darwin NEET preparation app designed by MCQdb (short for Multiple Choice Questions database) has earned a name for itself in a short time. The app has a large collection of question papers from previous years. The database would be of advantage to the NEET candidates to practice, prepare and score well in the exam.

The app claims to have around 25,000 questions in its database. The performance analytics feedback provided by Darwin could be the yardstick to identify the exact status of preparation.


NEET Prep mobile app has been another application that registered a phenomenal presence, in the NEET online coaching, as well as, other regions. One of the most positive attributes of this app is the chapter-based preparation plan. The students can explore the facility to streamline the study process accordingly.

NEET Prep app has separate segments for important questions, winners’ notes, revision guidance, previous years’ question papers, quiz section, and many more. The app has been designed comprehensively to aid the aspirants with ideal support for NEET coaching.

Aakash iTutor

iTutor from the renowned entrance coaching academy Aakash has been a hit with the NEET aspirants. The institute has been meticulous to maintain the quality they offer in the mobile application as well. They have arranged the sections of previous years’ question papers, mock tests, ask an expert, and so on in such a way to provide easy navigation.

The students can browse through the app without any ambiguities and proceed ahead with the preparation. The custom-tailored design features make the app distinctive from other applications. Students searching for online coaching in Kerala or any other state can consider using Aakash iTutor.


AskIITians mobile app will support the students in an optimal way to come out with flying colors winning the aggressive competition. It offers an exclusive coaching process for both JEE and NEET. The AI-driven app will help the student in clarifying the doubts in real-time and guide them towards the goal effortlessly.

Installed with innovative features like visualization techniques, the aspirant will be able to understand the crux of every topic effectively. The visualization option is a distinctive feature, which we didn’t find in any other apps. The app also offers lecture videos.

We have listed the best NEET preparation apps based on our evaluation. Check out the mobile apps for online NEET coaching and choose the best one.