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April 20, 2024
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Top 5 Watch Brands to Invest In 2020

You might be looking forward to restoring your watch collection this year. Or maybe, it is the first time you are planning to invest in a luxury watch. Well, luxury watches are excellent investment pieces as they tend to retain their value with time. So it’s no secret that these watches serve as a highly valuable asset to sell or pawn to get access to quick money.

Nevertheless, like many other investments like precious jewellery, watches also follow trends. Thus, especially for watch novices, it pays to spend considerable time to explore what watch brands are suitable investments. Also, which watches will increase in value over time? 

When talking about luxury watch brands, two names that strike the mind first are Rolex and Patek Phillipe. However, there are also other elite watchmakers, whose creations embody the sheer level of artistry and effort, thereby making them incredibly valuable to invest. 

So here we will be exploring some of the best watch brands that you can consider to invest in 2020. You can count on these brands for superior quality and for its exclusive watches that have stood the test of time as well as typically appreciate with time. 

  • Rolex

Even if you are not a watch fanatic, you have heard of Rolex. The name “Rolex” has today become a household name. When people think of a luxury watch, the first name to hit the mind is Rolex.

The Swiss watchmaker has been filling the horology industry with wonders since its inception. The brand’s cutting-edge innovations, designs and craftsmanship have redefined the standards of the luxury watch industry. 

Almost every Rolex watch holds its value well with time, and in fact, some models often appreciate. No doubt, a Rolex watch can be a successful companion for any individuals from different paths of life. So the first brand you can invest in 2020 with confidence is Rolex.

  • Cartier

It is the name that generates a sparkle in the eyes of luxe items’ lovers effortlessly. Cartier is more synonymous to elegance, novelty and quality. Cartier can be the perfect brand to invest in for your first purchase. A watch from this brand will merely refine your taste and uniquely elucidate luxury. 

To name a few, Cartier Ballon Blue and Cartier Tank are iconic and fashionable collections of the brand. Do Cartier watches hold value? You can actually expect a Cartier watch to increase in value over the years. 

  • Patek Phillipe

One of the biggest watchmakers that have exhibited resilience, even amidst the economic crisis is Patek Phillipe. The brand uses an optimal quality of platinum, rose gold as well as other exquisite metals to design its watches. Furthermore, the iconic timepieces of the brand are paired with alluring and sturdy leather or metal bands.

Each watch of Patek Phillippe ensures endurance, precision and luxury. And they have only shown the ability to increase in value with time. 

  • Audemars Piguet

This list of the top watch brands to invest in 2020 will be incomplete without Audemars Piguet. The brand set off from the 19th century and continues to be treasured as a pioneer in the luxury watch world. Yes, it is not a well-known name as some other brands like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. 

Nevertheless, this Swiss watchmaker bears an elite position in the history of watchmaking for its avant-garde timepieces that represent cutting-edge innovation and exclusivity. Also, keep in mind that the watches of this brand often come with heftier price tags than other luxury watches.

And it is good news as it testifies the fact that Audemars Piguet is worthy of investment. The brand’s mainstay collections like the Royal Oak have already manifested the ability to appreciate over the years. 

  • Vacheron Constantin

Many seasoned watch collectors may suggest you opt for the Vacheron Constantin watches. The brand’s catalogue consists of timepieces that flaunt conventional designs pairing with black, white and deep blue faces. Interestingly, you can expect them to stay popular for several years. 

So what would be the best Vacheron Constantin watch to invest in 2020? Look at the Overseas Chronograph and Overseas Automatic models. However, they are the best timepieces for investment, especially by those who are just getting started. 

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