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April 12, 2024
Digital Marketing

Top Tips to Get Traffic from Social Media Platforms

If you are an entrepreneur or want to start your new business, then it is important to have a social media page of your company on multiple platforms and have a business website. In the era of digital marketing and eCommerce, you cannot ignore the power of social media. It is the most effective way to promote your product and services. Social media platforms offer free opportunities to promote your products. However, to reach the target audience, you can take the help of paid social media campaign.

This article will give you a few tips to get traffic on your business website from different social media platforms.

To learn more, read this article thoroughly.

Get started with the different social media platforms

When you are taking the help of social media to grow your business, you can take the help of social media giants like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These are a perfect option. They offer you the free promoting service and paid promotion to your target audience. Apart from them, you can take the help of Pinterest, Tumbler, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, and Snapchat. Each platform has some specific functions, and they promote a specific type of content, For example:

Pinterest: Best to share image content and infographics

Reddit: It helps you to improve your knowledge in a specific industry and introduce to a dedicated community

Tumblr: It Is best to create a multimedia diary to bolster your business website

Snapchat: For behind the scene videos of your business

Google+: It is an effective platform to share content, boost SEO score 

Choose platforms according to your main objective of the company.

Follow your customers

Before starting promotion, you have to check the demographics of the target audience for each platform. Through this, you can get a concise idea about who check your business social media platform frequently. Check whether the demographic is suitable for the buyer personas? If you think the data is correct, add them to your list and start working on it.

Optimize your social media profiles

Social media profiles of businesses are essential to establish brand value and recognition. An attractive social media platform has the capacity to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website. It is crucial to optimize the social media platform as per the SEO role to increase the company brand awareness. Make sure your social media profile is enriching with an effective keyword. Do not miss a single piece of information while submitting the profile details.

If your website carries a good SEO score, you can integrate its link into your social media page. It is an important rule to enhance the SEO score of websites as well as the social media page.

It would be best if you remembered that the social media page of your business is a great asset to increase brand awareness. To optimize your business website, a well-decorated social media business profile along with essential keywords is a must.

Post consistently

Each social media user expects a large number of followers. Consistent posting of engaging content on your social media page can help you build an excellent social media branding and marketing strategy. Posting frequently increase your engagement rate, increase the number of followers.

Gaining popularity and number of followers depends on few factors, including the content, profile bios, hashtags, target audience, days in a week, region time zone.

According to statistics, different social media allows various posting frequency. 

For example, Twitter allows a minimum of 15 tweets per day, whereas Facebook allows a minimum of one post per day, and for Instagram, the minimum I 1 to 2 posts weekly.

Before starting your job, we would suggest you monitor the posting frequency of other competitor brands. It will help you to grow your brand through multiple platforms using perfect posting frequency.

Create viral content

Try to make engaging content that is going to be viral. The viral concept is well accepted in the social media world. The audience loves to share some unique concept, and that content has the potential to be viral and drive more traffic to your business website. If you produce creative as well as valuable content, people show interested in sharing your content.

Few examples of viral content are:


The meme is the content that is hilarious and humorous. We all enjoy humorous and entertaining content. To make your content viral use memes. Before that, you should ensure that you are using for promotions and publicity. Stay away from political and any other sensitive issue.

Content linked with human sense

Viral video usually triggers human sense. Some specific things are more indulging, including:

Taste (Mouth-watering food videos/food blogs)

Smell (Aroma of flower, freshly crushed spices, and perfume)

Hearing (Soothing or up beating music)

Sight (watching videos with vibrant colour and editing) 

Try to share visual content

In the era of videos and images, text-based content is not enough to promote your product and services on social media. It won’t effectively work to drive traffic to your website. Invest time to create visual content like images and videos. Now audience loves to know about you and your brand visually instead of reading about your brand. Make your visual content crisp and concise, describe your brand effortlessly.

To create visual content, you should remember some key elements in your mind, including:

  • HD photography
  • Well design layout
  • Visual storytelling
  • Detail picture of your product and services
  • Vibrant colour infographics.

Host Q &A polls and social media contest

Social media polls and contests are an exciting approach to engaging your audience, These kinds of activities sublime the communication gap between you and your target audience. To attract more audience arrange some give away sessions. People wish to get free gifts after attending a quiz and Q & A round. They are getting more aware of your brands, products and services.

We discuss the most probable approaches to get maximum traffic from your social media business page. Last but not least, social media consulting services say that patience and consistency are the main components of staying alive in the social media world.