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July 4, 2024
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Treated Timber-Reasons to use

Carcassing timber is a word used to allude to wood-handled for use in basic applications including floor joists, rooftop secures, cladding, decking underpins, and stud work for parceled dividers. Carcassing timber can:

  • Contain more bunches
  • Have a sawn finish
  • Have a higher dampness content
  • Be evaluated for its quality

Treated or Untreated

Where will the wood be utilized? On the off chance that it is outside, you should utilize offered wood to maintain a strategic distance from decay.


Regularized and facilitated edges? These completions are both broadly accessible. Regularization alludes to the cutting of all sides of the sawn wood with the goal that each length is of a predictable size. This will for the most part take 5mm or so off the ostensible or pre-machined size of the wood. Facilitated edges are adjusted edges to help with the manual treatment of the wood.


Just as the more clear length of sawn wood you require, you ought to likewise consider the cross-sectional size that you require. The bigger the cross-segment you pick the more grounded the length of wood.

Quality Grade

Carcassing timber is typically accessible in two quality evaluations:

C16 Grade – C16 evaluated sawn lumber is the financially savvy alternative and will be adequate for most prerequisites if the right ranges are utilized. It is primarily utilized for rooftop and floor joists.

C24 Grade – treated C24 timber evaluated sawn wood is a premium auxiliary lumber with less and littler bunches than C16 grade. It is more grounded and along these lines utilized where more extensive ranges or higher burdens are required. Treated C24 timber evaluation must be accomplished by imported wood from zones where the atmosphere powers a moderate development rate and consequently a tight grain. 

Timber Joists for Perfect Decking

At the point when utilized proficiently, lumber decking joists bolster the base of your decking sheets. We enthusiastically suggest utilizing on the head of a solid base as this will guarantee the flattest conceivable surface to work with.

There is a wide range of evaluations and kinds of wood that are effectively open available; anyway treated timber must be at the head of that rundown. Regardless of whether you are building a timber outline structure or just redesigning your nursery fence “this is the wood for you.” The following are incredible reasons why you should utilize treated timber:

Life expectancy – The life expectancy of treated wood is far higher than standard timber because of the additives that are utilized in the creation procedure.

Parasitic/INSECT REPELLENT – When this sort of lumber is pressure treated certain additives have utilized that help repulse bugs and forestall organism that can regularly make wood decay.

Security – Most individuals stain outside lumber to ensure it against enduring however treated wood as of now has a hindrance against this. After some time you will in any case need to take measures to keep up this security.

Solidness – Treated timber has great sturdiness having the option to withstand mileage.

Delayed IMMERSION IN WATER – Products, for example, employ board can be utilized in the creation of building pontoons since it is incredible at battling against rot from ocean water.

Cost – Dependent on the kind of treated timber you use, most of the time treated wood is just partially higher in value contrasted with essential sawn timber.

SECURITY – Plyboard can be an extraordinary item to use for obstructing structures because of its quality and protection from the climate.

Quality – Treated timber, all in all, has incredible quality because of how it is created.

FIRE RETARDANT – Some kinds of treated wood are fire retardant in this way drawing out the time it takes to burst into flames and hindering the consuming procedure.

Adaptability – Treated timber is flexible as it very well may be utilized in a wide range of parts of building work.

Timber that is treated with an additive for the most part has it applied through a vacuum as well as weight treatment. The additives that we use to pressure-treat lumber are water-borne and dissolvable borne. This gives long haul obstruction against rot, bugs, and other wood annihilating life forms, outlasting numerous normally sturdy lumbers in uncovered conditions. Whenever left untreated, wood that is presented to dampness or soil for continued timeframes will get debilitated by different sorts of organisms, microbes, or creepy crawlies.


  • It gives long life under unsafe conditions
  • It is cost proficient
  • It is adaptable, can be utilized over the ground, underground, and in direct contact with new or saltwater
  • An assortment of completions give extra engaging quality
  • It gives adaptability to structure and can financially beat troublesome site circumstances

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