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May 21, 2024

Types and applications of rock drills

Rock drill

Rock drilling is a method of drilling holes in rocks to extract valuable resources from the earth like oil, gas, water, minerals, etc. Executing this method is difficult, so employees are given intense training to handle the drilling machines. One of the most common drilling machines is rock drills.

Many buy rock drills for any heavy drilling because of their numerous advantages. They are a terrific way to cut through rugged terrain and facilitate workers’ job-related responsibilities. They can be used to bore holes, shatter rock, and remove trash.

Types of rock drills

There are two kinds of rock drills – Hydraulic and Pneumonic.

Hydraulic Drill- A hydraulic drill is driven by pressurised hydraulic fluid. A drill bit used to drill into rock is rotated by the engine. A hydraulic cylinder that forces the drill bit into the rock is powered by hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic rock drill is connected to a drill pipe on which the drill bit is fixed.

Pneumonic Drill- A pneumonic rock drill is a piece of equipment that is used to break through rock and other complex substances. The equipment comprises a power source, a compressor, a drill bit, and a hose. The power source provides the energy needed to run the compressor. The drill uses compressed air to produce a powerful water jet through rock. A pump that is attached to the air compressor has a water jet. The pump produces the high-pressure water jet utilised to cut through the rock.

Application of rock drills

They are widely used in industries as well. Read further to know its applications.

Horizontal directional drilling- A directional drilling bit is used in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method of good drilling to move horizontally through the earth. By doing this, the drill bit may penetrate the target rock formation without needing to twist and turn as it would with conventional drilling methods. Oil and gas extraction has been revolutionised using HDD, now the most popular kind of drilling.

Blast hole drilling- Blast hole drilling is the process of drilling holes in rock to place explosives before blasting. The holes must be large and deep enough to fit the explosives effectively. Open-pit mining operations frequently use this kind of rock drilling where large-scale rock and mineral excavation are done utilising powerful machines and explosives.

Construction- Drilling machines are a safe and effective way to do tasks in the construction industry. They are also an efficient way to do so. Although many people are familiar with how drills are used in construction, they might need to learn their advantages.

Drills are frequently employed in various tasks, including building and tunnel construction. They are crucial because they allow workers to do jobs swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, as labour and material costs have increased recently, drilling machines have been used more frequently in construction.

Waterwell and geothermal- In the water and geothermal industries, rock drilling machines effectively execute various jobs. They offer several advantages, including increased production due to increased speed and efficiency; improved safety due to fewer accidents and injuries; decreased environmental impact due to decreased noise and emissions; reduced operating costs due to greater operational flexibility, and decreased capital and maintenance costs.

They are perfect for water and geothermal use because they can also be employed in hard-to-reach locations. Drilling machines are also more accurate than other excavation types, making them ideal for building pipelines or getting oil and gas.


Thus, this is all about the types and applications of rock drilling machines. If you are into any of those mentioned above, buy rock drills and add them to your equipment list. It can triple the speed of your drilling operation all day.