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April 15, 2024

Types Of Puff Blouse Back Design

Puff Blouse Back Design

Sarees are one of the favourite attire of Indian women, and when it is about a saree, blouse design has a significant role to play. We all adore the amazing and authentic look a woman gets after wearing a saree, but in order to look highly stunning, the first thing you have to decide on is to choose the perfect blouse that you can pair with your saree. Make sure that you design the blouse so that it fits you properly to enhance your persona and bring out the traditional Indian look.

From the multitude of blouse designs available in the market, it is a need for you to go trendy. When it comes to the trending blouse designs, you must know that puff blouses are a buzzword among women. You have to make sure that you take care of the puff blouse back design and the color so that you can pair it with your gorgeous saree. In recent times, there have been a multitude of options available in the market when it comes to designing and pairing with puff blouses.

So here we will talk about some of the most trending designs. This will contain puff sleeves saree blouse back design, and neck designs. Hopefully, this will become an informative guide for you to buy a beautifully designed blouse.

Half Gathered Sleeve: If you’re more into the highly puffed sleeves, then you can choose to style your blouse in the half gather sleeve design. This can be seen as a puffed-up sleeve that gathers in the entire cup area. You will find this kind of sleeve becoming a perfect fit for traditional-looking sarees. It looks stunning when the puffs closely gather and accentuate the entire look.

This can be one of the most fantastic choices for a party or a marriage ceremony. You will look wholly traditional and authentic when you pair your dress with fantastic jewelry. Make sure that you design the blouse, keeping in mind the colour of your saree.

Both side gathers: If you want to get a little bit different from the previous one, you can choose to design a puff on both sides. This means the gathers will be on the hem area of this sleeve along with the cap. This will give your blouse a more traditional look. However, you can pair it up with modern-looking sarees as well. It is actually a stunning look that goes on women of different sizes and shapes. All you need is to make sure that you choose a designer who can create the gathers properly.

Make sure that you know the type of puff sleeves saree blouse back design that you want to give into it. With a multitude of neck designs available, make sure that you choose one that suits your saree perfectly. The boat neck design is one of the most common choices of women for this kind of puffed blouse design.

The cowl effects: Even when puff blouse designs offer a more traditional and authentic look to women, the cowl effect is something that goes the best with modern-looking sarees. These are the types of sleeves that are also termed the Leg-o-mutton sleeve. We will mostly find a puff available on the cap area of this type, which will gradually taper towards the hemline. The fantastic bases created on this blouse make it look like an ornament itself.

Even when there is a range of variations of this blouse, the basic concept remains unchanged. If you’re willing to create this kind of puffed blouse design, then make sure to use a puff blouse back design. Most of the time, this kind of blouse comes with collar designs. It looks good when it is all locked up.

Half puff: Just as the name goes, this kind of puffed blouse design generally is a mix of both regular designs along with puff blouses. For such backside puff sleeve saree, make sure you keep a boat neck. This will go perfectly when you choose to go completely authentic. You will look bold, beautiful and utterly traditional from bottom to up.

This is one of the most common types of puff blouse designs that you will find in the market. However, make sure that since it is more traditional, you need to make sure that the blouse colour resembles the colour of your saree.

So now that you have got some ideas about the fantastic puff blouse designs, hopefully, it will become easier for you to design the perfect match. It is always recommended to design on your own and sometimes choose contrasting colours, especially when you’re going modern. 

However, when it is about traditional sarees, you have to make sure that your blouse design matches both the colour and design of your saree. This way, you can actually kick the look and make the entire appearance even more stunning. Always take care of the back side puff sleeve saree blouse back design and front design while making it.