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April 17, 2024
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Wall Mount Shower

wall mount shower

Everyone wants his shower to look like a spa!

Unlike a handheld shower head, a wall mounted shower head is a conventional shower. Add style and class to your luxurious bathroom with different layouts of a wall mounted shower head.

Here are some different layouts of the wall mounted shower head with contemporary styles and finishing.

What is a wall mounted shower head?

A wall mounted shower head is a detachable shower mounted to the wall that comes in different finishes and layouts. Check out some major vibrant styled wall mounted shower head here.

Types of a wall mounted shower head:

  • Standard fixed wall mounted shower head:

When you summon up a visual demonstration of a wall-mounted shower head, it is what comes to mind first. This type of wall mounted shower head comes in a variety of shapes like square, round, trapezium, etc. The most important cons of this wall-mounted shower are that they are wallet-friendly and easy to install.

  • Filtered wall mounted shower head:

A built-in filter is integrated into the filtered wall mounted shower head. So it filters the water passing through its head. This wall-mounted shower head is suitable for areas prone to contaminated water. The chlorinated water gets filtered. The filter should be changed every 6 months.

  • Waterfall wall mounted shower head:

Gentle rain like streamline water comes out of such wall mounted shower head. Waterfall shower heads are also sometimes attached to the ceiling. The most important consequence of waterfall shower heads is that they supply efficient water pressure.

  • High-pressure wall mounted shower head: 

Having a shower with sufficient water pressure is satisfying. They create water pressure, so they are suitable for plumbing in areas with low water pressure. Clinical benefits include muscle tension and stress relief.

  • Low flow wall mounted shower head:

The earth needs eco-friendly and energy-saving accessories. Usually, wall mounted shower head uses about 2.1 GPM. So low flow showers come with 2.0 GPM, 1.75gpm, 1.5 GPM, and 1.25 GPM. They are used to lower the GPM and higher the water pressure. They use 28% less water, so they save your bill and are water friendly as well as water friendly.

  • Massage wall mounted shower head:

They are actually what they sound like!

A massage wall mounted shower head deals with your chronic muscle knots and loosens up your tight muscles, so it delivers a fabulous spa-like experience.

  • LED smart wall mount shower head:

What can be more fabulous than having smart technology even in the shower? This wall-mounted shower head notifies you when the water gets warm. LED lights up at high temperature, Smart wall mount shower head provides Bluetooth technology.

Why should you choose a wall mounted shower head?

Here are some features that will urge you to choose a wall mounted shower head.

  • You can link showers with geysers.
  • You can set the temperature from setting panels that suit you.
  • Water pressure can be set in a pressure shower.
  • The wall-mounted shower head comes in different shapes, e.g., rectangular, square, and round.

Here, in this article, I provided the types and features of the shower. A wall mount shower head is the common type of wallet-friendly shower head.