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Warehouse Led Lighting, what is the right thing to do?


When thinking about the creation and adaptation of environments in a project, not only should attention be focused on aesthetic details, it is also important to attend to practical elements. Although a well-designed space creates a pleasant atmosphere, it is no less true that it is often necessary that certain elements of work safety and comfort be met. Therefore, Warehouse led Lighting goes beyond decoration and must sit at the base of making this work area comfortable and safe for the worker.

In principle, to give a greater energy efficiency to the place, it is recommended that the warehouse be divided into different areas according to the type of activity to be carried out. Once this is decided, you can enter to review some basic concepts to achieve the Correct Lighting of a Warehouse.


Here are some basic tips that must be taken into account to achieve adequate lighting in a warehouse:

• Blur: The light must be projected in a diffused way, preventing the worker from being dazzled by the ray of light. Ideal in these cases can be the LED Panels , if the ceiling is not very high.

• Stroboscopic effect: This is an effect that occurs in vision when the light flickers. When this happens, the worker loses normal vision and sees objects by jumping, which can be very dangerous. This problem can be easily avoided with the commercial led lighting.

• Quantity: You should not skimp on the amount of Tubes or LED Hoods that can be placed in the place to guarantee a perfect light, which fully illuminates the area.

• Color temperature: In this case, there are two possibilities. At first, it could be said that the ideal temperature is Cold White , since this type of light enlivens colors and improves concentration, something very important in an area where workers will stay for several hours. The White Neutral is a second option, color natural white, like the light of day, helps create a good working environmentaddition to not cause discomfort to exposure for prolonged periods. The latter is more used in office / office areas, where it could also be combined with some Warm White luminaires .

• Shades: The location of the LED luminaire that is used as Tubes or Hoods must be placed in such a way that they do not produce shadow and obstruct the vision of the operator.

• Specialization: Also, when deciding what type of LED lighting solutions equipment is needed and its location in the warehouse, it is very important to take into account the difficulty and specialization of the work to be carried out in the area. Something that must be taken into account, due to the height of the ceilings of many of these places, some are 5 or 6 meters, is the opening angle of the LED product that is used. The higher the ceiling is, LED luminaires should be placed with a small opening angle, a maximum of 120 degrees, thus preventing the light from being diffused and lost along the way. Finally, general light should be used and, if necessary, due to the demand for work that needs to be carried out, direct light on the operator and the workplace.

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