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July 25, 2024

What are the Career Services Offered by GISMA?

The GISMA Business School is a technological-driven business education institution in Germany that allows you to gain the requisite skills for a successful business career. You can click here to know more about the school’s history accreditations and partners.

The Career Centre at GISMA Business School is based on specialised services and establishing long-lasting relationships with the students. The USP of GISMA education is the institution’s focus on bridging the gap between conventional study and the dynamic requirements of business careers.
That’s not all. The Career Centre is a hub for a wide range of individual and group career activities which can help you land your dream job after your graduation. Here are the four ways in which GISMA Career Centre makes you employment-ready.

1. Connecting you with different companies and employers
The GISMA Career Centre has developed numerous strategic partnerships with German and international companies from different domains. These organisations are invited to the campus so that you can get a chance to interact with the company officials closely and expand your network.
The Career Centre also organises company visits for you so that you are able to get a first-hand idea of the organisational culture and working conditions of the company. The Centre can also arrange for you to work in collaboration with a company for your project to gain practical work experience in your field.

Lastly, the Career Centre organises the GISMA Careers Day every year which is a great opportunity for you to look for suitable internships, student placements or full-time career positions with the right company.

2. Improving your employability
GISMA understands that developing employment-worthy skills is essential for capitalising on any career opportunity presented to you. Hence, all GISMA programmes are industry-oriented which provides you with all the practical skills necessary for a career in your field.

In addition, the Career Centre develops your soft skills through a wide range of team-building exercises, workshops, mock interviews and seminars. You are taught how to fine-tune your resume and cover letter as per the employers’ demands and ace an interview with panache.

3. Inspiring you to join the next generation of world leaders
The business world moves ahead through the thoughts and actions of influential business leaders and innovators. GISMA encourages you to be a thought leader in your field by allowing you to get inspired by forward thinkers and business leaders invited for seminars and panel discussions.
These events present incredible opportunities for getting up close with inspiring men and women and get your questions answered from them.

4. Providing you access to trending jobs
Access to the latest roles and positions in the market can allow you to be ready for them. GISMA offers an online recruitment platform called the JobTeaser where you can go through numerous job openings posted directly by employers.

JobTeaser allows you to understand real-life career requirements and work on your strengths to match them.

Want to know the best part? GISMA has campuses across major German cities like Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg. This gives you access to the world’s largest business organisations, tech-firms as well as promising start-ups. GISMA also has good relations with many German employers which can further expand your career scope.

Therefore, you should start looking at different GISMA programmes today to select one that aligns with your career interests and aspirations.