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April 14, 2024
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What are the different types of intriguing flower mehndi designs?

flower mehndi design

If you are planning to go to a wedding in recent times and it is the marriage of someone special, you definitely need to look your best. These days not only mehndi is something opted by the groom and bride, but also the closed family members love to do mehndi designs on their hands. From the many mehndi designs, flower mehndi designs can be a good choice. 

If you have the artist in you and you want to enjoy your best, you can check out the following mehndi designs to acquire the best. So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the best flower mehndi design

Elegant design: 

If you want to keep a lot of clear spaces and you would not want to overdo it, this is one of the designs that can be an ideal choice for you. This is a design that would not feel much, and it is about some dots. Creating mandalas of flowers on your hands and fingers and connecting them in layers can make your hand look beautiful for any event. When it is about keeping it minimal, elegant designs are the best choice. 

Arabic Design: 

You can start from the middle portion of your hand and then slowly go up to the middle fingers. Create a leaf-like triangular structure with flower petals in the middle to include diversity. You can add several other patterns and connect them with dots to get a sensuous Arabic design. Creating some amazing floral motifs on your hand can help you to achieve the perfect Arabic mehndi designs. This can become the epitome of grace if you are able to achieve the look. 

Multiple Flower design: 

If you want to go completely floral, then you can choose multiple floral designs. No wonder the major of floral mehndi designs consists of flowers. Even the nails are covered using a Henna so that it is able to accentuate the look. You can create circles from the middle of the hands and then create leaf-like structures and other intricate designs in between to give a fuller look. This can be a great choice for the brides as well. 

Mandala Flower Design: 

There is no such flower mehndi design that would look graceful as the mandala mehndi design. This is definitely not a minimalistic look as it can cover the entire palm when done properly. The design generally consists of more than one flower that has been beautifully connected to acquire a more detailed and intriguing design. This might have ample clear space in the surrounding, but the centre remains stacked with the design. 

Minimal Flower design: 

If you just don’t want to go overboard or you are not willing to get a strong mehndi, then you can choose this minimal flower mehndi design. This is most commonly a fill flower that is not too big and is drawn on three to four portions of your hand, which is then connected using dots. You can also include some leaf-like structures and other intriguing designs in between to combine the look and create a fantastic yet minimal flower mehndi design. 

Bridal Mehendi: 

If you are willing to create a flower mehndi design on the brides, you definitely have to be very coarse. You have to make sure that not only you are using flowers and adjoining them with dots and leaves. You can also include tons of other amazing designs that can offer a fuller look. This must be a masterpiece, and the designs must look stunning on your hands. 

Bottom Line: So now that you have gained enough knowledge about the range of flower mehndi designs, you can create one for yourself. Remember that these are definitely simple, yet they have the elegance that you need to get the limelight.

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