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July 25, 2024
Digital Marketing

What Content Marketing Can Do for You and Your Brand

The content marketing is undoubtedly a fundamental tool to publicize your brand. But not only that: content marketing can help you attract customers, get them close and create a special bond with them, among many other advantages that we will discuss for you in this article. We know you are going to be interested, so we will start at the beginning:

What is content marketing?

Plain and simple, your opportunity to be close to your client. Content marketing is the action of creating relevant content linked to a firm with the aim of providing clients or potential clients with information that is useful or adds value to them, away from strictly commercial communication.

It is not about scorching them with information about your products or services, but about directly offering them something that really interests them or that moves them inside. For example, why can’t a company that sells televisions create a blog that talks about television series? In this case, it would not provide purely technical or commercial information, but entertainment, data and curiosities that your audience likes: those who love series and value a good smart TV with great definition to enjoy them. Makes sense right?

As you can already deduce, it is essential that content marketing is always part of a global digital marketing strategy   and, with it, build the foundations of that relationship that every brand should try to have with its followers. And feed her, care for her and pamper her …

But what types of content can be created?

Practically everything: from simple posts on social networks, to articles in blogs, videos, infographics, e-books, downloadable, direct, webinars, tutorials, etc. In short, content marketing seeks to create occasions in which to be close to users by providing them with information that may be of interest to them. The format, deep down, is not what matters, but the message, the tone and the emotions that you generate in them.

What goals can you achieve with content marketing?

Or, put another way: what can content marketing do for you? So much so that it is very possible that you start creating content as soon as you finish reading this article … But before you jump into it, let us specify. Content marketing can:

  • Put yourself on the map.  You know well that it is not enough for an idea to be good. You have to tell it. Take it out of the trunk and show it, get others to know and want to try it. The same goes for any product, service or brand. We must get them to know us, to know that we exist and, above any other factor, to be very clear about how we can help them. Content marketing helps us to be present, make ourselves known and find ways to show what we do. Ultimately, it puts us on the map.
  • Give your company personality. As if it were a fictional character, content marketing is capable of attributing personality traits to a firm, surrounding it with characteristics, attitudes, principles, tastes … It is, in short, the opportunity to humanize your organization and make it the connection that is generated with the client is unique, special. It’s like putting a face on a great company: we need to be able to describe it, know what it likes and what it doesn’t, so that this relationship can be strengthened. It’s almost like giving you a soul.
  • Build trust. The more we make ourselves known, the more clues we are offering to others about our brand, our attitude, our knowledge, our values: what we care about and what we don’t. And it happens as in “real life” … The more you know the person and know that he / she can be trusted, the more inclined you are to go further in that relationship and decide, for example, to buy their products. If, through content marketing, you provide information that helps that other person, you are increasing their trust in you. And trust opens doors … Sometimes, castles.
  • Generate sales: attract customers.  We all want to sell, but for that, we need to be known. By creating good content that awakens the desire to be shared, we will reach more people with a possible interest in hiring our services or buying our products. And, in addition, we do not do it in an aggressive way such as direct mail, but through valuable content that we offer for free to our public. That is to say, we are not saying, as in the classic advertisements, how good we are and “buy me”, but we are providing a service, information, or simply entertainment, reaching more and more people who will remember us when buying.
  • Position yourself and gain visibility. Or what is the same, that when someone searches in Google for “race bikes”, your bike shop appears in the first positions and not in the tenth page that nobody reads. When you generate content and make good use of keywords, your website’s SEO goes up, up and up… That is, you climb positions without having to pay for advertising. In terms of marketing, you bet on organic or SEO positioning, compared to SEM or paid advertising. In other words, you choose to improve your position in a “healthier” way by trying to get Google to identify your content as valuable information and give you a good position in a natural way.

Of course, the other possibility to be in the first positions is much “easier” to achieve: it is called SEM or advertising and for this, you “only” need money :). The more pasta you put in, the higher your brand will appear. Of course, you know that you will need to have full pockets and compete against the big international brands. If this is not the case, or you can think of many other ideas to invest your money, content marketing is an exceptional formula to make a difference, make your brand visible and, incidentally, achieve it in a more intelligent and constructive way, simply, because you are contributing something else. You generate visibility and attract traffic to your website. Who gives more?

  • Frame your brand or team as experts.  The more you show that you know (without making the mistake of proclaiming yourself that you are the best, but simply by sharing knowledge), the clearer the evidence that you know what you are talking about and that you dominate your sector. It is the image your brand projects that is at stake, its reputation, the halo that surrounds it, not ethereal or volatile, but all those factors that make your brand trustworthy or sound like smoke. Content marketing contributes to enhancing the brand, your name. In short, to become an authority on the subject.
  • Get them to love you. Is there something more beautiful (and productive, that not everything is going to be romantic) than creating a “love relationship” with your client? If, for example, you manage to have executives waiting for the information you give them on how to legally protect their business, they follow your publications, attend your webinars, download your tutorials and take your word for it as law, don’t you think they will turn to you the day they have a problem? They will want your law firm to defend them. They will want you.
  • Get them to find you when they look for services or products that you can offer. Let’s go back to a concrete example. You have finally decided to change windows. And you have no idea whether you want them to be PVC or aluminum. What’s more, you just found out that those two types of windows exist. You turn to Don Google and put: “advantages and disadvantages of PVC and aluminum windows.” And there is a post from a window company that explains it perfectly, with clarity and professionalism. They know what they are talking about and it shows. They solve all your doubts like Cartoon Yourself Online Free . Also, they work in your city. Next step, you contact them. Because they have already beaten you: you know they are professionals. This is a clear example of evergreen content, that is to say, one that lasts over time, is not subject to the purest actuality and is usually a regular query of your activity. This type of content has a magical power, since you create it once … and its power of attraction lasts over time. They are very profitable and are a great formula to attract quality traffic to your website.
  • Increase your quality database and generate leads.  Quality content attracts and, to achieve this, any of us would be willing to give our email in return. This formula is widely used when they offer us a downloadable, a course, an e-book … That is, a material that has required an effort to create and that solves a problem that our potential client identifies as their own. We give him the content, he or she gives us his or her email, which immediately becomes a lead (a contact obtained digitally that becomes part of your database). And, in this way, a new possibility opens up to be in contact with a person who we know in good faith is interested in what we do. That is, our target audience.
  • Build loyalty to your client. With what it costs to get a client, are you going to let it slip away? Content marketing helps to strengthen that relationship and maintain it over time. If he always finds interesting content in you, he will follow you closely. If you bore or disappoint him, he will abandon you. That simple as simple as that.

Do not hesitate: bet on content marketing

With all the above, we hope we have helped you to be clear why it is important that you invest effort in creating good content, sharing it and making it reach beyond your usual circle. If the content is good, it will fly almost alone and it will bring you back rewards in the form of name, traffic to your website, sales or customers. Content marketing is worth betting on – without hesitation.

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