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April 22, 2024

What is Jolo Chip? Online Jolo Chips Price in India, Jolo Chips Challenge

Jolo Chips Price in India and Jolo Chip Challenge

India is famous for its variety of food as well as is dexterous in delivering spicy food items, which allure food lovers from all over the world. Some of its most loved spicy food items are- chilly paneer, chilly chicken, chilly potatoes, Andhra chili chicken, paella curry, pork vindaloo, and so on. But can you imagine something spicier than any of them? The world’s spiciest chip- Jolo Chips- originated from Mexico and now proudly made in India for Indians!

Know Jolo Chips Price in India

If you wish to taste the real spices, try Jolo chips! Considering the uplifting demands of Jolo chips and consumers’ inquisitiveness to taste it, Jolo chips has got the title of “Hot as Hell!” Moreover, the Jolo chips price in India begins from Rs. 199. Spicy Jolo chips are easily available on various online shopping platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon. Now without worrying much about how to buy the Jolo chips, check Jolo Chips online and take the Jolo chips challenge!

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How did the Jolo Chips name arrive?

Jolo chips makers created Jolo chips to bring real spicy chips to the Indian snacks market. However, the name Jolo is taken from the Bhut Jolokia pepper, also known as Ghosts Pepper, that is found in the northeast parts of India. The Ghost Jolokia pepper is listed as one of the ten hottest and spiciest peppers all over the world, which is the dominant Jolo chips ingredient along with Carolina Reaper and guarantees the spicy taste ready to set consumers’ inside on fire!

No doubt its ingredients that make Jolo chips spicy and hot are the prominent reasons for its popularity. Besides, Jolo chips’ packaging, which contains a deadly and mysterious-looking skull along with a black and red color combination, fascinates and increases the curiosity of the customers to eat it like a forbidden fruit.

Jolo chips have become a current trend all over the world, including India, because of its amazing look, attractive packaging, eagerness to taste it, hotties and spiciest chips, and more. Additionally, people are encouraged to take the Jolo chips challenge and give a tag of tasting the spiciest and hottest chips in the world.

What are the Jolo chips challenge?

The mysterious and attractive packaging of the Jolo chips has popularized it across the world. Many people join the thread of the Jolo chips challenge and post with a tag as eating the hottest chips and still surviving. Moreover, most social media influencers and YouTubers often create prizes and awards for tasting Jolo chips while using thumbnails such as “Almost Died” in their posts or videos. Although various tending chips are available in the market, the popularity of Jolo chips is kissing the peak of its success. Its adventurous eating along with risk and thrill has further popularized it among youths. If you are still not aware of the World’s spiciest chip- Jolo chips, you have missed the thread of trends.

What makes Jolo chips the world’s hottest and spiciest chips?

Jolo chips are the best example of real spice. If you are wondering what makes these chips so spicy and hot, here is the answer to your query. Check some of the Jolo chips ingredients listed below to have an idea of what makes Jolo chips different and popular among people.

·       The Hottest Spice Carolina Reaper

·       Ghost Pepper, also known as Bhut Jolokia Pepper

·       Ground Corn

·       Edible Active Charcoal Powder

·       Canola Oil

·       Jalapeno Spice

·       Iodized Salt

·       Chipotle Pepper

·       Trinidad Scorpion

·       Sodium Propionate

·       Calcium Propionate

The price of Jolo chips is nothing before its spice and hot taste. The spice of edible items is generally measured in SHU (Scoville Heat Units). However, the most spices we usually eat are at around 30,000 SHU, whereas Jolo chips go over 2,20,000 SHU. Can you now imagine why it is called the world’s spiciest and hottest chips.

Know how to place the order of the Jolo chips?

If you wish to taste this real spice as well as wonder, check the Jolo chips price online on any online shopping platform. Jolo chips are easily accessible and can be ordered at any time and anywhere. You can smoothly buy Jolo chips in India through Amazon or Flipkart. Now waiting for what? Order now and take the Jolo chips challenge!

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