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June 16, 2024

What is Republic day? Why we celebrate Republic day

Republic Day

Every year in India, Republic Day is celebrated throughout the nation with great enthusiasm and passion. People from different parts of the world gather together for national flag hoisting and several other celebrations. This day marks a special day in history. You can find spectacular parades happening in New Delhi where some of the prestigious personalities from different parts of the nation gather for national flag hoisting. It also includes the Indian national Army, followed by various celebrations.

This prestigious event is not only in New Delhi, but different celebrations happen in other parts of India. On 26 January, India will celebrate its 74th Republic day. The nation will be seen with excitement and joy. Different institutions and governing bodies celebrate happy republic day with a lot of enjoyment. However, you need to know the significance of Republic day and why it is celebrated in India.

What is Republic Day? 

Republic Day is one of the most important days that mark immense significance and history. On this day, our nation adopted its own institution and transitioned to a republic country on 26 January 1950. After a long rule by the British, India finally became a republic and a sovereign nation that was free from the British.

India republic day is celebrated as a national holiday. On this day, the prime attraction is the parent that is mostly seen on Rajpath New Delhi and which ends at the India Gate. The Indian Constitution was written by the popular BR Ambedkar, which was adopted by the Constitution on 26 January 1950.

From this day, it is celebrated as Republic Day. The Indian Constitution has huge significance and is the supreme law of the nation. On Republic Day, different people from different parts of the country take part in the celebration and enjoy this unique and auspicious event.

15 August, as we all know, is celebrated as Independence Day in India when the nation finally got free from British rule. It was 15 August 1947 that held the historical day of independence. After the nation gained independence, it required a proper constitution or a governing body to protect the people. 

This was when the Indian Constitution was made with the intention of protecting citizens and the central principles of the nation. It’s constituted of all the rights and regulations that would help the leaders to run the country following the major principles. The first law minister and the chief architect of the Indian Constitution were BR Ambedkar.

Being the very first member of the Indian Constitution and the leader, he was the one to draft a framework of constitutional laws. Remember that the Indian Constitution governs the entire nation. So, in simple words, 15 August is the Independence Day of India, which celebrates freedom from long British rule, and 26 January is marked as Republic Day when the Indian Constitution finally came into force.

Some glimpse of the Republic Day celebration

While happy republic day is celebrated throughout the nation, it is celebrated in different ways. So, let us take a look at some of the major celebrations that happen at this auspicious event.

  • The main attraction of the Republic Day celebration is the parade. People who reside in Delhi are able to attend this parade at the Rajpath. Even in the cold weather, citizens gather in massive numbers to witness the spectacular parade and unity.
  • The Indian president, who is again an honorable personality, hosts the Indian national flag to honor all the brave Indian citizens who will be awarded the bravery awards. On this day, some of the most common bravery awards are provided to the citizens or Vir Chakra, Paramvir Chakra, Ashoka Chakra, children’s national bravery award, and Kirti chakra.
  • The Indian Prime Minister pays tribute to all the brave souls who have to give up their lives in war in order to protect our citizens and us. The Prime Minister’s special speech on this special day will show respect to all the martyred soldiers. He will also lay a wreath at the India Gate as a way to pay respects to the soldiers.
  • The entire Republic Day parade, which is a major part of the Republic Day celebration, is led into three divisions by the armed forces of India. It includes the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy. Apart from this, there will be several cultural events, military bands, marching, rallies by soldiers, aircraft shows, and skill displays by the soldiers on military vehicles.
  • On this day, Indian schools remain a holiday, but students are said to visit school and celebrate the happy Republic Day by hoisting the national flag, performances, drawing events, and sweet distribution.

Republic day is one of the most notable dates with immense significance. On 26 January 2023, India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day after British rule. The tricolor hoisting in the Rajpath is undoubtedly one of the most amazing things happening on this day and is worth visiting. Besides, it also resembles the rich cultural heritage of India.

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