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July 25, 2024

What is Retinal Detachment Surgery & its Cost

Retina Specialist in Mumbai

The retina is the part of the eye that receives the light that enters the eye through the cornea and thus is one of the most important organs for image perception in the body. Through the retina and the optic nerve, the images that you see reach the brain and are able to become signals for the brain to understand what is happening around you.

Without the retina or any part of the eye, it is impossible to see anything in the world. Retinal detachment is a major issue that is treated by Retina Specialist in Mumbai. It is treated as an emergency issue and needs to be operated upon almost immediately. The retina is a sensitive organ and very delicate, therefore retina detachment needs to be medically addressed urgently and fixed so that the vision can be restored and saved.

What is Retinal Detachment?

The Retina is like a projector screen – a thin film full of nerves and muscles that help in receiving the final image of what the eye sees. It behaves like a lens and the images that project on the retina are inverted just like any other lens in the world.

The light from the outside world hits the cornea and from the cornea travels a few millimeters to reach the retina, this distance being the focal length of the eye. Once the light hits the retina, the image is projected like a still from the projector.

Each and every frame of the image that a person sees is projected at an incredible pace. Every time an image is projected, they are analyzed and sent to the brain as a signal through the optic nerve. These signals are responsible for the brain to comprehend the sight that a human sees and then respond appropriately.

It is easy to understand that without the retina, viewing anything is impossible. But the retina is extremely delicate and thin and can easily get affected due to a lot of reasons. The most common issue of them all is Retina detachment in which the retina may develop holes and start to tear off from the back of the eye, causing damage to vision and the eye overall.

This issue needs to be corrected immediately. Signs and symptoms of retinal detachment can be very mild and may be neglected by patients but one must be aware of them and upon any suspicion, must get tested by an Ophthalmologist or a Retina Specialist.

Retina Detachment Surgery

Retina Detachment can be fixed by Retina specialists in Mumbai and most major cities in India. The only criterion is that the patient must be able to recognize the symptoms as early as possible so that complete retinal detachment does not take place.

There are several types of Retina Surgery based on the condition of the eye. This is decided by the Retina Specialist based on how much damage has happened to the retina. Small holes that have been detected early enough can be treated easily with simple surgeries. Major retinal damage that has gone undetected can be more tricky and cost higher. The surgery cost depends on the treatment and the damage that the eye has had. Approximately INR 20,000 rupees and onwards for the entire treatment is the average cost for a retina surgery and may be higher or lower based on the patient’s condition.

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