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What Is The Science Behind Menstrual Swimsuits?

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Leakproof swimwear or period-proof swimwear is a newer product category. Essentially, it is period underwear modified with a hidden layer of protection to be used in the shower. What’s even better? Similar to menstrual underwear, women may find a period swimwear store that has a wide range of designs, from bikini bottoms to one-pieces, which is almost undetectable. You may choose the colour of it, too!

How do menstrual swimsuits function?

The swimwear’s multilayer gusset design effectively locks in and absorbs menstrual fluid, preventing embarrassing leaks in the pool (or on dry ground!) The blood is absorbed by the inner layers and held securely. Therefore there is no loss of blood when swimming. After a wash in detergent, the top layer will peel off, releasing the chlorine and leaving your swimsuit clean and ready for more laps the next day.

Can You Get Away Without Using A Tampon Or Menstrual Cup?

Everything depends on your preference. Some women feel more secure using a combination of period swimwear and additional protection, such as a disposable tampon or a reusable menstrual cup. This may be a huge confidence booster on the day of your heaviest flow or when you’re still getting accustomed to your period swimwear. This is an excellent method to transition into period swimwear if you currently use tampons or menstrual cups.

However, supplementary items are not required in any way. The purpose of period swimwear is to absorb menstrual blood, and some styles may hold as much as three tampons’ worth of blood on their own. Wearing it on your lighter period days might help you feel more secure in your body. You may also read a review to understand what it was like for one person.

What’s The Difference Between Period Underwear And Period Proof Swimwear?

The technology behind period underwear and period swimsuits are pretty similar. But there is a crucial distinction: period underwear is not made to withstand the rigours of being worn while swimming. Since they’re the same cut, you can’t just switch out your period underwear for a pair of bikini bottoms. One is made to be worn in the water, while the other is not, despite their seeming similarity.

Do Other Leaks, Such As Light Bladder Leaks, Respond To Period Swimwear?

Yes! Your swimsuit will absorb blood from your menstruation. It may also act as a urine or perspiration absorber (light bladder leaks.) This is an attractive solution for restoring your independence and self-confidence if you have urine incontinence, whether it’s temporary or chronic.

To those who suffer from infrequent but little bladder leaks: you are not alone. Seventy-five to eighty per cent of the 25 million adult Americans with urine incontinence are female. The greater incidence of incontinence in women relative to males is primarily attributable to pregnancy, delivery, and menopause. Leakproof underwear and swimwear (sometimes known as period swimwear) might help with day-to-day life as you research treatment choices.


There is a little bit for everyone. And nobody will be the wiser if you wear a period swimsuit or any other period swimwear store. You may start wearing your tampon-friendly swimwear even while you’re not really experiencing your period (which is excellent for those with irregular periods too.) The gusset on your period swimsuit may be thicker than the gusset on your leakproof underwear. You won’t draw anyone’s attention to it, and you’ll probably forget it once you put on your swimsuit. Swimwear for women who are menstruating is made to seem completely normal.

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