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July 25, 2024

What makes Chicken grow faster?

Chicken feed for sale

Chicken is the largest white and kean meat that is consumed by humans worldwide. The demand for chicken is higher than ever today and manufacturers of poultry feed are searching for high quality chicken feed that can help chicken to grow faster and healthier in the shortest period of time. This unfortunately invokes the use of medicines and supplements that alter the DNA and composition of the meat and prove to be harmful in the long run. There are many side effects for chicken that grows on chemicals and nutrient less feed. Chicken feed for sale found in poultry farms and pet stores are usually a combination of either high quality chicken feed or low quality dried mealworms. Most people do not know the difference between the two and end up making a decision based on the cost. For growing healthier chicken at a faster rate, high quality chicken feed is a must.

What is Chicken Feed?

Chicken feed is the grubs that are used by local poultry owners and commercial poultry farms to feed their hen. This feed is usually the most important part of their nutrition. Unlike the bygone years, chicken is now harvested within a small confine and are not let out to roam and graze naturally. Low quality low nutrition feed is another big hit which results in low quality meat in chicken.

Most poultry farms use grubs or low quality mealworms because of their easy availability and low cost. When feeding chickens in high numbers, this is the option that checks out. Unfortunately,. Chickens do not grow properly with this kind of feed. To grow chickens that are healthy and at a fast rate, providing them with a healthy feed is important.

Most chicken feeds are either grains or mealworms, both of which lack protein, calcium, fat and other important nutrients that are required  for healthier eggs. Healthy eggs give rise to healthy chickens and vice versa. This is why choosing a chicken feed that is high on calcium, protein and fat is essential. Chickens that feed on high quality grubs have faster egg rates and have better quality meat content.

Factors to consider when buying Chicken Feed

As a poultry owner, there are many factors to consider when buying a chicken feed. There are many kinds of chicken feed for sale these days but knowing about these feeds can help in accomplishing the right goals. Below are some of the factors to check before buying a chicken feed from the market:

1. High Calcium Content

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for chickens as they help in stronger bones, better weight and healthier eggshells in chicken. Healthier eggshell results in direct proportion to better quality chicken and a higher rate of chicken production through hatching or heat incubation.

2. High Nutrition

Chicken feed that grows on natural food waste is the best source of nutrition for the chicken. This helps them in growing faster and with better quality meat. Larvae that grow on food waste can be made by poultry owners themselves or can be found in the market and they are excellent sources of protein and nutrition for the chicken.

3. Organic Feed

Organic feed is one of the most sustainable methods to help grow poultry. Organic feeds such as larvaes can be harvested by the owners or store bought and they are perfect for the environment and an excellent source of nutrition unlike chemical based grubs or grain based meals.