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April 15, 2024

What To Do If You Lost Your ATM Card: How To Get Duplicate ATM Card?

ATM Card

Losing things happen on the go. Don’t they? Just like anything else, losing things is also pretty common in the day to day life. The same stands in the way when it comes to losing financial treasures. Now, treasures was not a sarcastic word. These treasures do not exactly mean gold, silver, and platinum (although they are treasures.) This means – things like cards, money, statements, and more. In a fast world, where we also move fast, it is quite hard to keep pace at times, and in the process of keeping pace, we lose control and lose things. How often do you lose these things? Pretty often, right? Here – we are going to talk about what to do when you, unfortunately, lose your ATM card.

Lost your ATM Card? Here’s What to Do!

Irrespective of the kind of bank you are tied up with and lose the debit card, the procedure that you will need to follow is right here.

Things You Need to Know Before Going Ahead

There are certain things that you would have to keep in your mind before you get going, and they are:

  • Debit cards today have enabled Wifi, which makes it essential to block after it has been stolen or lost (Wifi means when you can use your card for payments without having to enter the secret pin code.)
  • You will have to have access to the internet or mobile banking to make things easier for you.
  • Blocking your debit card before applying for a new one is essential.
  • Your residential address or office address in the case of a salary account needs to be updated, or the debit card will always be delivered to the wrong address.
  • It is essential for your phone number to be registered with the bank account.

How to Block the ATM Card After it Has Been Lost?

Let’s say you are a customer of the State Bank of India, and you have lost your ATM card, which also has Wifi enabled on it. Can you not waste time trying to find it now – right? The very first thing that you would have to sit and do is block your ATM card before you can lose any money. Now, you do not have to search – How to block an SBI ATM card; we have it right here for you. There are four ways that you can deal with this.

Ways to Block your ATM Card

  1. Through Internet Banking
  2. Through Customer Support
  3. Through Mobile Banking
  4. Through a Physical Visit

1 – Internet Banking

Internet Banking is using the official portal to block your ATM card. For this, you would have to register with the internet banking services of the bank. If you have already registered, make sure you go to the official portal, and log in with your user ID and password. After this is done, you would have to go to the ‘debit card’ section. Choose the debit card that you had lost, and then click on the block option. If you feel like you will be finding it soon, you can temporarily block it, and if not, you can permanently block it.

2 – Customer Support

If you don’t have any access to the internet or have not registered for internet banking, you can always use the service of customer support. From whichever bank you have lost the card, you have to call customer support, and they will instantly help you to block the card in no time.

3 – Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is also an easy step to get this process done. If you are not already the user of the mobile banking services of the bank, you can just download the bank’s mobile application from the play store or apple store and get started. After the download has been completed – you will have to sign in and create an MPIN for secure login. After that has been set, you can log in and choose the debit card option. Under this option, you would have to choose the card and click on the block option (it could either be temporarily or permanently.)

4 – Visiting the Bank

You can simply use the help of a bank representative when you visit the bank in person. But, you will have to go to the home branch – that is where you hold the bank account.

Blocking the debit card is the very first thing to do when you have lost the card. It is a safer and wiser decision that you would be making in this process.

How to Get a Duplicate ATM Card?

This is something everyone is worried about. It is also why a lot of people are scared when thinking about blocking debit cards in the first place. But, don’t worry – you can permanently block your debit card without any fear.

If you are fine with doing things online, you can just do it online –

Here we can talk about how to get this done online. You can either go to the internet banking or mobile banking application and log in. After that is done, you can go to the debit card section. If you have not blocked your debit card completely, you can get that done. Once that is done, you can apply for a new debit card, and it will be dispatched to your address (the address that is linked to the bank account.) If your address that is linked to the account is wrong, you would have to first change your address with government-issued address proof, then apply for the debit card.

If doing it online is hectic or you are not tech-savvy, you can always do it offline –

You can visit the bank and have a representative help you to block and apply for your new ATM card from the bank. Also, remember that you would not be allowed to get the card instantly from the bank; the debit card would be delivered to the address that is linked to your account.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways to keep your things safe – but not everything is possibly foolproof because life is unpredictable. But, there is always a way for you to use these methods in the aftermath.