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April 21, 2024

Why are businesses using holographic labels?

Holographic Label

In today’s competitive market, every business is looking for a unique and creative way to market and promote their goods. These days most organizations are doing so much for their branding, promotion, and achieving their business goals. Small, medium and large organizations apply various proven and tested marketing strategies, learning new tips and tricks to take their business to new heights. But often forget that to make your business mainstream from the start, you need some extra, unique elements like holographic labels that make your business stand out from the rest.

Holographic stickers or commonly called holograms are stickers printed on vinyl. These stickers are crafted in the same way as other stickers, but they are still unique and distinctive as they have an iridescent-like effect of vinyl material in their background. It combines a thin layer of polyester and an ultra-thin layer of metal. Once the ink is printed on the vinyl sheet, a clear laminate is applied over the surface, making it durable and resistant to sun and water. Hologram stickers are being used in almost all sectors as they provide the best anti-counterfeit protection and help prevent duplicity and fraudulent imitation of the original product. Moreover, they utilize laser technology that cannot be electronically scanned and copied by any printing medium.

Highlights of holographic labels

  • Superior visibility
  • Tamper proofing
  • Self-adhesion
  • Enthralling designs
  • Immediate sticking
  • Excellent protection against imitation
  • Vibrant colour combinations
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Customizable according to the security demand

How do holographic labels help businesses grow?

Boost packaging aesthetics

The poor visibility of a product is often seen as a big turnoff for potential customers. Though these holographic stickers are small in size, it grabs the customer’s attention when a product is affixed with them. Yes! Holography can make a significant impact on your product packaging and your sales. They also allow you to integrate your brand name, logos, trademarks, etc., into your sticker and use it for branding purposes.

Seamless visibility across the stores

Like every other business, you might also want to improve your visibility, boost your sales and earn more profits. It comes as no surprise then that a product with a unique hologram sticker has a high chance of being picked up from the shelf compared to the bland one.

Prevent product duplication and potential loss of sales

When you research the market, you will find out that around 30% of the products available are fake. Yes, that’s true! There are high chances that duplicate copies of your products are being sold at competitive prices. However, by applying hologram stickers, you can reduce the duplicity of your products as nobody would be able to copy your hologram secured products.

Advanced features

Holographic labels are not just used for security purposes; they can also help in inventory tracking, loyalty management, and warehouse management. This is because holograms can contain QR codes, barcodes, and other tracking facilities, making supply chain and warehouse management much more manageable. Upgrading your product packaging with holograms helps you access each stage of your supply chain and obtain real-time insights about your inventory.

Most cost-effective solution

There are invisible, visible, forensic, and digital features that can be incorporated into a hologram as per your business needs. Therefore, holographic stickers make up very cost-effective security and a branding solution for all types of businesses. Today, almost all sectors, including food, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, banking, liquor, telecommunications, automotive, etc., use hologram stickers.

Hopefully, these benefits are sufficient to convince you to opt for holographic labels for your products. If you are interested in giving a shiny effect to your packaging, start your search for the best hologram stickers provider.

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