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April 25, 2024

10 Tips When Ground Shipping Your Pet

When you have to relocate your dog to a better and safe place, shipping is the best option. If someone is shipping the dog for the very first time, then there might be many questions that would arise in their mind. Therefore, to help them, many companies would make their job quite easy. Companies like Air pets America and citizenshipper provide services for the shipping of pets most professionally and safely.

These are the following tips that can be followed to ship your pet securely.

1. Same routine

Maintaining a constant routine before shipping your pet is important because if the same routine is maintained, then your pet will react positively throughout the transportation.

As human beings, everyone feels a bit messed up during traveling. The animals also feel exactly like it if you give them a hint of traveling. So, it’s better to carry on with your mundane activities to make the shipping easier and safe.

2. Don’t show that you are shipping

As human beings, when we have to move away from one place to another, lots of chaos are made up in our mind. If the owners of the pets are stressed, then the same vibe is caught by the pets. 

Therefore, if the owners of the pets would start packing the bag or move the things of pets from here and there, they would surely get an instinct that something will change in their routine that would make them more stressed out. So, be cautious to avoid packing things in front of them.

3. Seek professional help

When you are shipping your pet for the first time, there would be lots of stress created because of planning, timing, and traveling. Therefore, it is always better to seek professional help from the companies who can ease the process.

The company who does the transportation of the pet will take care of your pet in a proper manner and will make the journey more easier so that you can focus on various other things while traveling.

4. Check up with the veterinary doctor

Before shipping your dog to a new place, it is always better to consult a vet. If a human being is not feeling well, he will not be interested in traveling to any of the places; the same goes for the pets.

You can ask your vet to do the proper vaccinations and make sure that your dog is healthy. When you consult a new veterinary at a new place, you can show the earlier records to have better health for your pet.

5. Collar, ID 

When you are traveling with your pets, they might lose if proper care is not taken. Therefore, two forms of ID must be given to pets, one with a microchip and the other with a collar. The owner should make sure that the pets should wear this ID all the time while traveling.

There might be many other people traveling along with their pets, so you can take some extra steps to make your pet safer.

6. Microchip

You can lose your pet if proper care is not taken because there will be other people too, who would be traveling along with your pets. So you should make sure to give extra security to your pet by storing the pet’s ID information in the microchip, which can be done by a veterinary doctor.

7. Help in adapting with the change

Even human beings take time to adjust to the new environment if they migrate to a new place. The same things happen with pets, as they reach a new place try to help them get comfortable with the new environment by making the old routines a daily habit for them. As time passes, it will be easier for them to get along with the changes.

8. Proper diet

It is mandatory to feed the pet with a really good and healthy diet, which would be filled with carbohydrates and water to prevent dehydration. Make sure to avoid sweet in their diet instead of adding something with high water content, which would help the pets stay healthy.

9. Pack favorite toy

Make it a point to pack their favorite toy, so that when they reach a new place, it will be easy for them to get along with the changing place. If the traveling environment were similar to their home, it would be easier for them to get comfortable.

10. Exercise

If the trip is longer than 5-6 hours, then your pet would need some sort of exercise. Therefore, make sure that while your pet is safe while he is made to do some exercise, you will lose your pet.

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