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July 19, 2024

The Hobbit: How Many Meals Do Hobbits Eat?


The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings creator J. R. R. Tolkien puts a huge accentuation on food and dinners appreciated in Middle-earth by the widely adored bushy footed Halflings (Hobbits). Looking like conventional English feast times, the hobbits of Middle-earth appreciate up to seven suppers every day. Regardless of whether you’re facilitating a Lord of the Rings film marathon or cooking a LOTR themed occasion, read on to find hobbit eating plans and also food menus for each meal time of the day.

How Many Meals Do Hobbits Eat?

As indicated by the books, there are six customary hobbit feast times. In the cinemas, in any case, there is the incorporation of second breakfast, which infers that there are seven meals hobbits eat throughout the entire day.

In case, if you are a real hobbit’s fan and like to eat like a hobbit, here are the seven meals you have to maintain regularly in a day:

·       Breakfast – 7 a.m.

·       Second Breakfast – 9 a.m.

·       Elevenses – 11 a.m.

·       Lunch get-together – 1 p.m.

·       Evening Tea – 3 p.m.

·       Supper – 6 p.m.

·       Dinner – 9 p.m.

Hobbits are genuinely fixated on eating. This isn’t a surprising bit of information to any movie fans who saw the Lord of the Rings series cinemas. We saw that Bilbo stuffing himself with a cake when Gandalf comes to visit; Sam’s tramping all around Middle-Earth conveying a kitchens-worth of a container in case he’ll discover a number of conies; Merry and Pippin worrying that, since their human partner Strider doesn’t comprehend about “second breakfast,” he probably won’t think about elevenses, lunch meeting, evening tea, supper, or dinner, either.

In any case, in The Hobbit (the LOTR prequel, for those of you who’ve been covering up in a cavern since the two decades), the craving of halflings was built up considerably more right away. By page two, we’ve just discovered that Bilbo’s house hole comes furnished with loads of storerooms and that hobbits have supper two times per day when they can manage it. Since hobbits sprang from the mid-twentieth century fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien, hobbits normally serve the guests with mid-twentieth-century British solace food.

Conventional Hobbit Meals


Start the day with a healthy breakfast intended to hold hungry hobbits over until the following eating time. Serve a determination of filling carbs combined with meats, jams, and espresso or tea. There includes-

·       Little quiche made with cheddar, bacon, or vegetables (Potatoes, leeks, spinach)

·       Nectar nut cake and preserves

·       Ham omelet made with curry flavors, onions, and tomatoes

·       Bread rolls finished off with wiener, eggs, and a covering of sauce

Second Breakfast

The second breakfast is normally somewhat lighter and less appetizing than its forerunner. It includes sweet baked goods, organic products, or toast with jellies and jams. There are also-

·       Strawberry French toast with sausage

·       Rice pudding

·       Scones and thickened cream

·       Breakfast pie made with eggs, salmon, cream, and leeks

·       Butter Bread with some fruit and beacon


Elevenses is an early in the day break time nibble intended to hold halflings over until noon. These supper thoughts are ideal for matching with tea or espresso with,

·       Elven lembas bread

·       Lavender and lemon biscuits

·       Strawberry shortcake with cream

·       Caraway seed cake

·       Lemon tea cake

Lunch get-together

After a morning of lighter charge, lunch get-together ought to be loaded up with healthy, warm dishes intended to keep hobbits’ craving under control. Expected items can be-

·       Potato and onion soup

·       Fried fish and French fries

·       Shepherd’s pie

·       Cook lamb

·       Scotch eggs

Regardless of what is served, hobbits take their meal with a cut of substantial, multigrain bread and a glass of wine or beer.

Evening Tea

Given a hobbit’s adoration for social calls and tattle, it’s nothing unexpected evening tea is a feast implied for associating with each other. Evening tea items include-


Berry pie

Blended berry shoemaker

Blackberry tarts

Crusty fruit-filled treat and cream


Supper is commonly the biggest meal time of the day. Serve a lot of meats and vegetables to make an appropriate hobbit supper. They combine these items with loaves of bread, cheddar, and beer. 


This is the last meal for hobbits which hold them over until the following morning. Like supper, dinner also comes with a lot of meats, bread, cheeses, and brew. In the movies, we saw them eating-

·       Pork pie

·       Mushroom soup

·       Plate of mixed greens presented with herbs and hardboiled eggs

·       Cooked chicken·       Bunny stew