May 27, 2024

5 Advantages of Video Call Fansign Events By K-Pop Stars for K-Pop Fans

Every K-pop fan has a bucket list that makes their fangirling or fanboying journey more fun and exciting than it already is. It includes being able to buy their favorite K-pop artists’ albums, lightsticks and merchandise, and to attend their concerts and fan meetings live. Though these are not strict requirements to be called a true fan, they’re just the inevitable K-pop fan goals! 

There are so many events that you want to experience yourself when you’re a K-pop fan. It’s just not easy for most, and it’s impossible for some because tickets to these K-pop events are not cheap and are oftentimes hard to acquire. What’s more, most international fans can’t just go to South Korea as much as they extremely want to. 

Well, have you heard of video call fansign events?  

Today, video call fansign events have become very popular because K-pop fans come from different parts of the world, because technology makes these online meetings possible and because the pandemic is a hindrance. But before anything else, what is a video call fansign event? Organized by the artists’ own celebrity management company, collaborating with album-selling stores, video call fansign events are the golden opportunity for K-pop artists and their fans to see and talk with each other online. Depending on the fansign terms, you can sign up for a whole-group call or for just one member. The video call lasts for a minute or more, but that’s completely based on the event rules. 

To dig deeper into this rarely talked matter, read these 5 advantages of video call fansign events by K-pop stars for K-pop fans. If you’re a K-pop fan, this piece will help you decide to apply for a chance to personally meet and greet your ultimate K-pop biases. Meanwhile, if you’re not a fan, well, this is a good chance for you to know what’s up with these online fansign events!

1 – Fans get to comfortably and peacefully talk 1-0n-1 with their favorite artists

Fansign events were done live before the COVID-19 pandemic — as in fans see and interact with their idols face to face! They surely can’t be compared to online formats because unquestionably, live shows are still the best. Nevertheless, online gatherings are also awesome and beautiful in many ways! 

Probably, one of the most advantageous features of video call fansign events is that fans get to comfortably and peacefully talk 1-on-1 with their favorite artists. Let me put an emphasis on the adverbs “comfortably” and “peacefully” because in live fansign events, it’s noisy and a lot of people are around. There are instances when it’s hard to hear and understand what the other person is saying. Believe it or not, some fans are shy in front of their celebrity faves and around other fans, too, so live fansigns might not be everyone’s preference.

In contrast, video call fansign events are superb 1-on-1 conversations between artists and fans. It’s just you and your K-pop fave talking to each other within the time limit. No one is bothering you around! The only possible distraction is the other group member sitting beside him/her; well, that’s not annoying at all but something to be thankful for, right? Absolutely right!

Moreover, video call fansign events are really personal because you and your K-pop faves are wearing earphones while talking to each other, so every detail of what both say is heard and understood. The separate places where you are in are quiet and free from interruption. The K-pop artist is totally focused on you, and so are you to him/her. That surely makes 1-on-1 video call fansign events more heartwarming!

2 – Health and safety risks are avoided

Nowadays, travel bans and restrictions are being implemented in many countries, including South Korea and the country you’re living in. Even if you can afford a plane ticket and pocket money for South Korea now, the COVID-19 pandemic is the problem. Of course, just like everyone else, you and your K-pop idols have to be safe and secure, so live shows are strongly prohibited.

Big thanks to technology and the Internet, communication is made possible and easier despite the huge distance, the time zone differences and the travel limitations caused by the pandemic. Because of that, you can be happily sitting inside your own bedroom while having fun in a video call fansign event with your dear K-pop bias who’s inside their agency in South Korea. 

That being the case, both of you can remain safe and sound, avoiding health and safety risks, free from possible dangers and virus contact through crowds. Video call fansign events are the best format for now because they allow you to not only live your fangirl/fanboy dreams but also to keep your lives unharmed, which is the most important concern of all. 

3 – Fans can show their rooms filled with merch or fan art

Since you, fans, are at home while having a video call with your K-pop faves, these online events are also a great time for you to flex your loyal fangirling/fanboying collections. Some fans show their rooms and shelves filled with their K-pop merchandise. The K-pop idols are so amazed and grateful at how these fans spend time and money to support them and to show their love to them through buying their goods.

Fan arts are well-loved by K-pop artists because their fans share their impressive talents to customize artwork for them. Video call fansign events are an opportunity for you to show your artwork to these celebs, especially when your art pieces are too big to fit your travel suitcases. After the online event, you can actually send your creations to the K-pop artists’ celebrity management company! The stars will definitely love to directly receive them after seeing them first from the video call. 

4 – Online fansign is accessible overseas

As mentioned earlier, K-pop fans are not only Koreans. Truth be told, a gigantic percentage of them are international fans, and they’re so so so active! That’s why K-pop idols never ever forget to thank their global supporters for all the love and effort they give. Without international fans, these artists would not be known outside Korea. 

Video call fansign events are applied for and participated by fans wherever in the world they may be. South, north, east, west, just wherever you’re staying in right now, you can join online fansigns. 

Again, thanks to technological advancements, online fansign is accessible overseas, thus, international K-pop fans have bigger chances of joining and winning. Unlike live fansign events where you really have to fly to South Korea to attend if ever you win, online fansign events are super convenient and international-fan-friendly! 

5 – Fans can record, replay and keep it forever

Live fansigns cannot make you not nervous! You’ll be facing and conversing with the K-pop artist you’ve been wanting to see in person for a really long time, so it’s possible to go out of your mind due to nervousness. Some fans even forget what to say at the very moment. Some fans also forget what happened after their K-pop encounter because it just feels surreal. 

For video call fansign events, you cannot be not nervous too, but the difference is that you will know what’s happening because you can record it! Besides the fact that you’re at home and this online communication is more peaceful, you can also capture the moment yourself! 

Yes, because it’s a video call, fans are free to screen record, replay that recording and keep it forever. Bet you will play yours over and over again and will never get tired of watching that one-of-a-kind fangirling/fanboying success evidence! Furthermore, you can upload those videos, which makes it a more congenial and exciting experience to share with your fellow fans. 


Most K-pop artists are doing video call fansign events today to meet with their beloved fans and to promote their comebacks. Some K-pop groups have one while some have multiple online fansign events per album. Whatever the quantity, the style or the terms may be, every fansign moment is special beyond words! And despite the things that lack from the online setup compared to the live format, still, video call fansign events are so delightful and rewarding! Both the K-pop stars and their fans love them too!

About the Author: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts