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April 19, 2024

Importance and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga works to strike a balance between body, mind and soul. If a person does yoga regularly then it has a very positive effect in his life.

Doing yoga not only makes our body flexible but also makes our mind and body healthy. Due to some such good effects of yoga, Indian culture has always considered yoga as a part of its lifestyle. People in our country have been aware about the usefulness of yoga since ancient times.

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The following are the forms of yoga by Maharishi Patanjali:-

According to Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta the following are the types of yoga:-

Benefits of Yoga:

  • The importance of yoga has increased even more amidst the changing lifestyle of all of us. Due to irregular eating, living in a polluted environment and not having a fixed time to sleep and wake up, due to all these reasons, our health is being affected very badly somewhere.
  • The effect of which is clearly visible in our efficiency. When our body and mind are not healthy then we are not able to work with full energy. In such a situation, yoga acts as the greatest medicine.
  • Yoga not only makes our body healthy but also strengthens both the mind and the brain. Due to yoga, positivity remains in our life.
  • With the help of which we become capable of fighting every evil. By doing yoga, our mind becomes calm, which simply means that we can deal with challenges like blood pressure in a better way because such problems are born due to a distracted mind.


Today’s environment has become very stressful. In such a situation, yoga can be the best option to reduce stress from your life. That’s why we all should adopt yoga in our life and try to make life happy.

Earlier, people knew the importance of yoga only in India, but due to the efforts of India, today the whole world has not only accepted yoga but is trying to adopt it as an important part of their life.

The world’s first International Day of Yoga was observed on 21 June 2015 and it reflects the increasing urge of people towards yoga.

We get to hear many such stories which tell that through yoga many people have got rid of very big and incurable diseases.

Rules for doing yoga:

It is important to know some rules before doing yoga. Following are some such rules:-

  • One should always wear comfortable cotton clothes while doing yoga.
  • One can take a bath before doing yoga but never take a bath immediately after doing yoga.
  • Always do yoga on an empty stomach, so do not eat anything for about 2 hours before doing yoga.
  • Always do yoga according to the capacity of your body.
  • Pranayama should always be done only after doing yoga.
  • Sunrise and sunset are the best times to do yoga.
  • It is better if you do yoga practice regularly.
  • If you have back pain, then you should not do backward yoga postures.
  • If you are suffering from any disease or have any kind of problem in the body, then first you should consult a doctor and only then you should do yoga.
  • Water should not be drunk immediately after doing yoga and exercise.

Important precautions for good yoga practice:

  • Yogasana is beneficial but can also cause harm in some special circumstances. Therefore, these important precautions related to yoga should be done.
  • Care should be taken while doing yoga during pregnancy because there are some yoga poses that can harm you in this state. Therefore, one should always do yoga under the supervision of a yoga guru.
  • Children should definitely inculcate the habit of doing yoga from childhood, but if the child is less than 10 years old, then do not make practicing yoga very difficult.
  • Along with practicing yoga, exercise restraint towards food and drink in your life, abstain from smoking and consumption of drugs as it harms health.
  • Along with practicing yoga, take full care of the nutrition of the body, always eat such food in which nutrients are present in abundance. Otherwise there may be weakness in the body.
  • Yoga practice is essential for a good life. But along with this, sleep is equally important, because sleep is also a kind of yoga, so sleep should be given importance.

Important tips for starting yoga:

  • If a person has never done yoga in his life and he wants to start yoga now, then some things must be kept in mind such as:-
  • Do not put unnecessary pressure on your body while practicing yoga. Do yoga with ease only as much as your body can do because in the initial days your body will lack flexibility but as you do yoga, your body will become more flexible.
  • In the beginning, try to do only those easy ones in which you feel comfortable. There is a lot of importance of breathing and exhalation in yoga, so pay attention to it from the beginning.
  • Never do yoga in a hurry, always do yoga asanas comfortably and keep a gap of a few minutes between two yoga asanas.
  • Always end the yoga asana with Savasana.

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