May 27, 2024

6 Classic Men’s Accessories to amp up your look

The other day, I was looking at a pocket square for my husband, and I came across a beautiful hand-embroidered pocket square. A pocket square, for those of you, who are not really aware of, is the small square piece of clothing usually situated in the upper pocket of a blazer or suit; hence the name, pocket square. 

Though being the smallest of the fabric in the entire wardrobe, a pocket square adds some grace to your look! Considering this, I realized that it isn’t always the outfit you wear; it’s the minimal extra additions we do to the menswear. 

Whether it be a pearl necklace, pocket square, or even a brooch, these accessories add to your beautiful dressing. Accessories make a man look bolder and even more stylish. It is like the Tadka on the Dal! But, of course, not just formal wear can have accessories. Still, even the traditional wear can have accessories or jewellery like three layered necklaces or even long trailed brooches, and casual menswear can be accessorized with Chains and rings and charms and bracelets, and so much more.

To check out the best accessories, we have the six most classic Men’s Accessories for you to make the entire dress look even better! Here we go!

  1. Neck Piece

A neckband is an excellent method for adding character to an outfit, and there is a wide range of jewellery that men can wear. If you’re searching for something straightforward, a pendant or chain neckband will do the job. For something more ostentatious, attempt an assertion neckband with strong tones or textures.

  1. Rings

We don’t typically see men wearing a ring, with the exception of the one he got at his wedding. However, that will change. Rings are one of the enchanted design extras for men, which characterizes class as well as adds zing to a generally OK-ish outfit.

  1. Wrist Watches

It’s ideal to have no less than one relaxed watch that you can wear anytime and a fine one that pulls twofold obligations for work and extraordinary events. Watches are the most classic wear of accessories that a man should have.

  1. Pocket Square

Dressing great is tied in with making little changes to your appearance that can have a major effect. One of the most straightforward ways of lifting your look is by adding a pocket square. Begin with a strong variety of pocket squares for an exemplary look.

Attempt a print or designed one for something seriously intriguing.

  1. Ties/Bows

Utilize a bowtie to present a pop of variety or an inconspicuous example, then emphasize it with a tie bar for additional style. (Master tip: Always secure your tie cut between your shirt’s third and fourth fastens.)


  1. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded wristbands may be an old-fashioned approach to saying that you’re cool; however, it actually works. My main guidance would be not to go overboard and attempt to wear it when you’re not excessively dressy.

So, here we come to an end of the beautiful list of accessories for men to amp up their look!! Try these out!