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April 17, 2024

6 Fashionable Hairstyles for Every Day

Fashionable Hairstyle

What to do if there is very little time in the morning, but you want to create a simple and stylish hairstyle that will last all day? Just read our review to the end and you will have 10 hairstyles in your arsenal that you can complete in 5 minutes. So let’s get started.

Fishtail braid for medium to long hair

The fishtail braid is made using two strands that are alternately thrown over each other. Weaving a fishtail takes longer than a regular braid, but it looks much more spectacular and attractive. The fishtail looks especially interesting on long hair, which allows you to show the unusual weaving and beauty of the pattern.

To begin with, make a high ponytail, and gently comb your hair so that there are no “roosters”. Divide the tail into two halves, take a small strand of hair from each part in turn and move it to the opposite. You can even try making this hairstyle on a mannequin head till you perfect it.

Inside out low ponytail

Even if you only have a few minutes at your disposal, you can spend them creating a stylish and elegant hairstyle. The tail inside out – will become your lifesaver, which will help to collect medium and long hair into a spectacular hairstyle.

  • Gather your hair into a low ponytail at the back
  • Part your hair in half with an elastic band
  • Put the tail through the hole

If desired, you can add a hairstyle with a hairpin or other decorations.

Voluminous braid for long hair

This hairstyle will perfectly fit not only into the everyday look but will also become a beautiful addition to the evening look.

  • Separate a strand of hair in the upper part is ready, perform a bouffant
  • Start to french braid all the hair, grabbing the hair on both sides of the head
  • Try to keep the braid loose, not too tight

You should get a light airy hairstyle that will fit perfectly into summer looks. If necessary, fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

Hair Bun For Everyday Hairstyle

Beams of various configurations are very popular. Not only is this a great way to style long hair, it’s a great opportunity to show off the elegance and beauty of this easy-to-do hairstyle.

  • Gather your hair in a ponytail
  • Braid two pigtails, slightly airy and loose
  • Collect the braids in a bun and fix them with hairpins

Braiding for medium and long hair every day

If you have a dynamic day ahead, then it is advisable to collect your hair in a pigtail. But to perform simple weaving means to find oneself in uncomplicated and simple images. We suggest you perform the following hairstyles:

  • Braided Ponytail – this hairstyle with a stretch can be attributed to weaving, however, it can quickly and neatly collect and fix hair
  • French weaving – if you have already woven French braids more than once, then you will not have any problems with a beautiful hairstyle for every day. French braid can be done even on short hair by removing part of the hair from the forehead. On medium and long hair, the reverse French weave looks beautiful. Loosen the strands as you weave to get a voluminous pigtail.
  • Weaving With Pickup – a hairstyle is used to remove excess hair from the temples on both sides. As weaving, the hair is picked up from only one outer side and twisted into a bundle. Weaving is going into a high or low tail.

Hairstyle with a headband

The headband will be a great helper in creating a beautiful and elegant hairstyle. Especially when it comes to medium and long hair. To begin, put the headband on your head and start wrapping your hair around it, moving from your face towards the back of your head. Thus, you can collect both all the hair, leave part of the hair, and twist it on the curling iron.