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July 19, 2024
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Top 7 Kitchen Utensils Every Housewife Needs

Kitchen Utensil

Any housewife spends a lot of time in the kitchen. There are no universal rules for arranging a kitchen; each housewife forms a set of necessary items based on her habits and culinary preferences. Some like to serve in a chafing dish, while others prefer to keep things simple. But there are things without which it will not be possible to cook and serve even the simplest food. 

This list can be considered a basic set of dishes and various useful tools for the kitchen, with which you can already run a household and receive guests. Let’s figure out what the necessary devices in the kitchen should be, and what exactly is included in the list of indispensable?

The cutting board 

It is one of the most important items in the kitchen. We recommend choosing cutting boards made of wood, wooden boards have a number of advantages: knives do not get dull on a wooden board; products do not slip on them; the surface does not dull the knives; does not make unpleasant sounds when cutting products. You can serve pizza or grilled food on the cutting board.


It is difficult to imagine any, even the most modern kitchen, without such an indispensable tool as a grater. This tool is used almost every day, since a lot of different operations can be performed on a grater, from chopping cheese for pasta and chocolate for decorating a cake to chopping products for pickles and salads. Today we will tell you the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a convenient and safe grater.

Hammer for meat 

Another frequently used item that is difficult to replace with another. This tool greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of cooking meat. A chop hammer is similar to an ordinary construction hammer, only it also has notches. Usually, they beat the meat to soften the fibers, after which the pieces are juicy.

A can opener 

It is an important helper in the kitchen. It will allow you to quickly and effortlessly open any jars for cooking or treats. In contrast to the old Soviet openers, even children can use modern can openers – such tools are safe and easy to use. 

A corkscrew 

It is a professional tool for a sommelier and a waiter, but at the same time, it is an important household item and an honorary inhabitant of many hospitable cuisines. It is extremely difficult to uncork a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, although craftsmen have long learned to get to the desired contents without a tool intended for this. 

Ingenuity and purposefulness prompted a creative thought: wine is uncorked with a knife, a screw, a stiletto heel. In the end, the cork can be lured out with boiling water or by hitting the bottom. And yet, the easiest and most reliable way to preserve the bottle, wine, and health is a corkscrew, fortunately, there are many types of this device.


Every day, housewives are faced with the problem of cleaning a large number of vegetables. Sometimes for a large family, you need to prepare a lot of carrots, potatoes, beets, and other products from which you need to cook a variety of healthy dishes. 

However, in addition to this task in the kitchen, women still have a lot of household chores, and you just need to take time for yourself and have a good rest. A good vegetable peeler can make manual labor easier and reduce the time it takes to peel vegetables and fruits.