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June 19, 2024
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6 Modern Kitchen Designs that you can invest in

modern kitchen

A professional cook or not, a modern kitchen should feel personal and like work to you, and for that, you need the right modern kitchen design. It is a space not only for cooking delicious food but also for social gatherings where most of the gossip cooks and the tea spills. Of course, you can draw inspiration for a modern kitchen from Pinterest or home decor magazines too!

A modern kitchen design comes in many shapes, sizes and finishes. Hire a home decorator who can help you figure out what modern kitchen modular shape fits the best in your kitchen, and based on the theme of your kitchen, you can decide on the finish of the modular. Listed below are a few modern kitchen designs that you can invest in –

  1. L-shaped modular – The L-shaped modular saves a lot of space in the kitchen, and it also doubles as a kitchen triangle where the main kitchen stations – sink, refrigerator and stove – are placed in close proximity to each other, so it makes juggling between the three easier for the cook. But keep in mind that they are not that close to each other.
  1. Island countertop – How can one forget about an Island countertop when thinking of an L-shaped modular? These two modern kitchen designs usually go hand-in-hand. As mentioned above, an L-shaped modular requires a spacious kitchen, and so does an island countertop. The island countertop can be used as a breakfast cum bar platform, or you can place your stove on the island with a chimney above it.
  1. Parallel modular – This modern kitchen design is very common in small kitchens. Install parallel modular kitchen design with pull-out drawers. To avoid hassle-free cooking in the kitchen, you might want to consider installing push-to-open drawers instead of handles, as with less kitchen space, you don’t want your dress tangled in the handle or hurt yourself around the knee.
  1. U-shaped modular – Combine the L-shaped modular and an island countertop, and voila! There’s your u-shaped modular. Space and storage-wise, this one is the best modern kitchen design you can invest in. You can add base units in the L-shaped modular and wall units above the modular. And as for the island countertop adding base units is optional. With this modern kitchen design, you don’t need a separate storage cabinet; hence, you can utilize that space with a mini dining table like a round one with two chairs.
  1. Straight modular – If you are planning to invest in a straight modular, make sure you get the
  2.  placing of your sink and stove right, i.e. the sink should be placed at the corner of the modular, next to the wall, and the stove should be placed in the middle with a solid surface backsplash, so that all the oily stains from the cooking can be cleaned in one quick swipe, rather than having to repaint your wall to get rid of that one stubborn stain. A backsplash also enhances your kitchen decor.

Now that you have a basic idea about modern kitchen designs, you can install one depending on the size of your kitchen and add other chic elements like hanging lights and a fruit basket for your island countertop. It would help if you also considered installing a window as natural light makes the kitchen look more spacious.