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April 15, 2024

GMC Dealer Riverside: Signs That Your GMC Needs a Service Check

GMC Dealer

Riverside drivers of GMC are well-aware of the importance of vehicle maintenance. Every car or pickup truck by the company has a strict factory-recommended schedule for a service check.

When done through a reliable GMC dealer Riverside, all components can be thoroughly inspected, repaired, and returned in running order. However, unexpected issues may arise that demand immediate attention.

This is especially true of residents cruising around this Riverside County, which is said to have the 14th worst roads in the country. But, in case you don’t notice any visible damage, what are some tell-tale signs that your GMC vehicle needs a trip to the service center? Keep reading to find out.

1.    Dashboard Warning Lights are Turned On

If you notice that any of your vehicle’s dashboard warning lights are turned on, it’s a sure sign of some issue. Now, the problem could be minor or something serious. You want to avoid delaying a service check because your vehicle will conk out if the issue is a malfunction in the diagnostic systems.

If you notice any of the dashboard warning lights turned on, best believe it is time to make a trip to the service center.

2.    Oil Life Meter Warning

The vehicle’s oil life system alerts you of a potential oil change. This depends on various conditions, including temperature, car mileage, driving habits, and terrain. Riverside is home to several areas with uneven terrain, so always keep an eye on the oil life meter.

The meter usually reads between 100% and 15%. If the meter touches down to 15%, you will receive a notification to visit the service center. Keep the meter from touching down further to 0%, or you may damage the engine.

3.    Reducing Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Suppose your driving habits have mostly stayed the same. Even then, you notice that you have to fill up more often than you used to. This indicates that your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is declining speedily.

Even in such a case, it is essential to visit a trusted GMC dealer Riverside and ask why this is the case. The reason could be something as simple as incorrect tire pressure. A service check will rule out major issues and offer you the peace of mind that you’re again ready to take on the roads.

4.    Odd Noises

If you’ve driven your GMC long enough, you’re familiar with the noises it usually makes. If something seems a little off or unfamiliar, there could be some issue lurking in the background.

The strange noises can range from rattling and squealing to grinding and whining. Before the problem snowballs into something serious, get your GMC checked by service technicians. In any case, ignoring the noises won’t make them go away.

5.    Power Loss and Vibrations

Do you notice that as you step on the accelerator of your GMC, it does not start with the same rigor it used to? A lazy or slow vehicle indicates some deeper issues. Besides the acceleration, you may also notice glitches while driving uphill.

A service check becomes crucial so that the underlying problem can be dealt with soon.

Transform Your GMC into a Muscle Car!

Want worthwhile dividends on performance and fuel efficiency? Then, pay attention to the above-mentioned symptoms and take your car for a quick service check to a reliable GMC dealer Riverside.

It is natural for every vehicle to slack, especially after years of usage. However, you can easily maximize its life and on-road performance through regular servicing.