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July 19, 2024

All about Attendance Management System!


There are attendance management system that is adopted in the companies who want to keep a track of attendance of their employees. It will be easy for them to find out if their employees are working from office or not, their attendance time and other stuff related attendance management.

Attendance management system meaning

The attendance management software or attendance system is used by the companies to manage attendance of their employees. 

Mostly attendance of an employee are managed manually but this manual attendance method are too time-consuming and not accurate at all. So more number of companies are switching over to attendance management system that will keep a track on their employees’ attendance online. This also helps them to find out if their employees are working from office or there is some problem in reaching office.

Attendance management system features

Some common features of any software for attendance management are as follows: 

Clock in and clock out-  In attendance software employees have to take a permission from attendance system before leaving the office and at the same time, they need to enter their attendance details in attendance management system. 

Manual attendance- In manual attendance we see that there is no need of manager’s permission for entering and exiting working hours and even there is no need of any security password like this. But with manual attendance we cannot track our employee’s attendance online. 

Auto attendance- This feature works as per different clocks based on those different employees will come to work at those specific time automatically. 

Leave management- If an employee is already absent from office then he/she can’t enter into office without taking attendance from supervisor or manager so there is less chance of absenteeism. 

Employee self service-  In attendance software employees can access their attendance, payslip and more from the tie they have been issued appointment letter and the HR has created their account in the software. 

Calendar integration- attendance system can integrate with calendar of attendance operator’s i.e. employee attendance manager. 

Reporting- attendance software will give attendance reports to managers regularly, so they can take any step for future improvement in attendance management. 

Error reporting- with attendance system it is easy to detect errors in attendance time registration or attendance sheet, so it will help them to do some rectifications in the process of attendance management.

Advantages of attendance management system

Some common benefits of an accurate and efficient attendance system are as follows: 

Fast calculations 

Accurate calculation of salary  

Better performance 

Positive effect on company culture and morale 

Managers can monitor all activities from one place- By switching over to attendance management system they need not visit every office for information they can get them from one place where they have installed attendance management system. 

Prevent absenteeism- There is less chance of absenteeism because when employees want to enter into office without taking permission  from attendance system there is a chance of attendance which will let managers know about their attendance easily. 

Better planning- With attendance management system they can plan out the work accordingly it will be beneficial for them to have accurate attendance information from attendance operator employees. 

Inventory control- In attendance software you can keep track on number of machinery’s, material’s etc. if an employee forget to enter attendance then this attendance management system will not allow him/her to clock out until and unless he/she enters their attendance time properly.

Some common benefits of using attendance management software you have read above. Moreover, as attendance system will manage attendance online, it’s beneficial in many ways. From the above given benefits you can understand why more number of companies shifted towards this kind of attendance management system so you should also try getting an attendance management software installed in your company as soon as possible. 


Attendance management software is now widely used by almost all the companies who want to keep a track on their employees’ attendance and those who don’t have enough manpower to do manual attendance record. So go for an attendance management system that will make easy. There are many attendance management system available in the market so analyse and pick the best one that suits the requirements of your company to manage attendance of their employees easily. Check them out!