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April 21, 2024


wordpress website development

If you have no prior experience in website development yet still want to create a website, we suggest you go with WordPress. You might have come across the term WordPress many times in your life. WordPress is the world’s largest content management platform that you can find on the web today. WordPress is popular for site development, and you would see that people from all across the globe would refer it to you for creating your first time. If you have any limitations or reservations about WordPress and want to know why it is so popular, we would suggest you read this article. In this article, we will list down the popular reasons you need to use WordPress for website development.

Why is WordPress so popular for website development?

Here we have listed some of the most popular reasons to convince you that WordPress is the best platform for creating and nurturing a website. 

WordPress is open-source software

You might have heard about open-source software. This term often gets thrown by people who are in the development industry. You would not understand this term if you were not a part of the development world. Still, if you want to know what open source software means, then know that the platform is free, and you can customize it any way you want. WordPress is open-source software that allows users to create, customize, edit, distribute and redistribute websites. WordPress as software is available for free, and you can get it from the platform’s official site. 

Create all kinds of sites with WordPress

WordPress is commonly mistaken as a blogging platform. You can indeed create blog sites with WordPress, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot use this platform for any other purpose. You should know that WordPress is one of the most versatile website builder platforms. You can create any website you want with WordPress. This is because WordPress offers you thousands of different template designs and plugins to allow you to create any site you want. Some of the popular types of sites that you can make with WordPress include:

  • Ecommerce sites like eBay 
  • All kinds of blog sites
  • Video websites like YouTube 
  • Service or appointment websites 
  • Photography sites like Flickr
  • Directory websites like Yelp
  • Classified ads websites
  • Membership websites
  • Question/Answer Sites like Quora
  • A knowledgeable site like Wikipedia 

WordPress is a 100% SEO friendly platform 

Another popular reason why WordPress is important for websites is that it is an SEO-friendly platform itself. All search engines rank websites based on some parameters. These parameters are known as SEO metrics or ranking factors. The more your website is optimized according to the requirements of the search engine, the better position it would gain in the eyes of the search engine. All themes and plugins offered by WordPress are SEO optimized, so you don’t have to put in manual efforts. The best thing about WordPress is that it takes all kinds of SEO responsibilities on its shoulders. Some crucial help you can get from WordPress plugins is:

  • Fast loading of website
  • New and perfect coding standards
  • XML sitemap 
  • Free navigations
  • Image optimization 
  • Social media integrations 
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Content management

WordPress is one of the easiest to use platforms for newbies

WordPress is also popular among developers because it is one of the easiest to use platforms for website building. You can create a simple WordPress website even if you don’t have any experience in professional development. Still, suppose you want some help with WordPress website creation. In that case, you can watch tutorial videos on YouTube and from the original WordPress website. WordPress sites are easy to create, but you can also manage them like an expert. You get plenty of inbuilt options to publish blogs, manage posts, comments, feeds, make revisions, and do many more things with just one click. WordPress is one of the only website development platforms which help you customize your site without any coding hassle.

WordPress site databases can single-handedly be maintained 

Another pro of using WordPress for website development is that it allows you to maintain your database all by yourself. You don’t have to worry about hiring a person to maintain your site. Usually, websites get slow because of a lack of maintenance, but with WordPress, you can stay on top of this. You can use data management plugins to delete PDF pages, multimedia content, old articles, broken links from your WordPress site that slow your site down.

WordPress websites are easy to personalize and customize

WordPress is one of the easiest to customize platforms. You must know that you can easily change your site’s website design, colors, and font styles by trying different WordPress themes. It doesn’t matter whether you are not a professional developer or designer. WordPress provides you one-click customization options, and that too for free or at the lowest rates. You can try different themes for your site, customize through panel and cal, and personalize your site via code.

WordPress is one of the securest platforms

Security should be your utmost priority when it comes to building a website. If a website is not secured, you will not get much traffic as there is always a chance that your site can be hacked. A popular reason you should go for WordPress is that it has a high-security standard. You can easily create a secure website with WordPress. Here, we would suggest you regularly update your site to make sure that your site remains safe. Not updating your site would create loopholes for hackers! You can find many plugins to help you secure and update your site regularly. Some tips that would help you in securing your WordPress site are:

  • Always use security tools for WordPress
  • Only install security plugins from WordPress
  • Use updated plugins from trusted sources

WordPress supports all kinds of content and multimedia 

Another reason why you should use WordPress is that it supports all kinds of content plus multimedia. WordPress is one of the wealthiest text editor platforms. This means you can easily insert text, images, videos, and audio files into your WordPress site. Many website-building platforms limit you when it comes to inserting multiple formats of images or videos. But this is not the case with WordPress. You can add images in any format you want. Usually, people add images in PDF format. Still, WordPress’ image optimization bots suggest that you use images in png or JPG. So if you have PDF images, you can easily use PDF to PNG converter tool to get website-friendly images.

It makes you the owner of the site and content at the most affordable rates

It is not easy to create a site today, and this is because of the high cost of development. But with WordPress, you can create a site at the lowest rates. Not only this, but you should also know that you can easily get free or low-cost Webhosting from! With WordPress, you can easily run a self-hosted blog or ecommerce site. You get services from WordPress at low rates, but this platform also helps you make money faster than any other platform. This is because WordPress helps your site get mature quickly!

These are some popular reasons you need WordPress for your new website!