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July 19, 2024

Electric Bikes for Kids in India

electric bike for kids

Electric bikes or electric bicycles are the future of this world in this era where global warming and climate change are alarming for nations worldwide. 

But apart from all the “go-green values,” we are still suspicious when we have to buy electric bikes for our kids. One of the primary reasons parents do not want to get electric bikes for their kids is that they fear that their children might hurt themselves. But hey!! Isn’t it a good idea to get your child accustomed to a motorized bicycle before they step into the world of “superbikes?” 

Thus, apart from the chances of the child getting hurt, gifting your kid an electric bike might be one of the best ways to buy them “the adventure” during their childhood days!!

Best Electric Bikes Available for kids

  1. Toyhouse, which BMW officially licenses, manufactures K1300S electric bikes for three to seven kids.
  2. Toyhouse Ducati Panigale electric bike is available.
  3. Shakya World R1 sports ride on bike for kids with a rechargeable battery. A music system is also provided in this model.
  4. Toyhouse samurai strike 8. This is suitable for kids of two to four years of age.
  5. Bay bee Harley Rechargeable Battery-operated ride-on bike for kids to drive toys.
  6. Bay bee mini R1 electric bikes rechargeable battery-operated ride-on bike.
Product NamePriceBuy Now
Baybee R1 Racer Battery Operated Bike for Kids₹15,824.00
Baybee R3 Pro Rechargeable Battery-Operated Ride-on Electric Kids Bike₹7,990.00
Baybee Benolli Battery-Operated Electric Kids Bike₹14,990.00
Toy House Classic Motor Cycle with Rechargeable Battery₹12,844.00
Toy House Super Guzzi 9 Cento Bike with Rechargeable Battery₹10,668.00
SHAKYA WORLD R1 Sports Ride on Electric Motor Bike₹13,199.00
SHAKYA WORLD R1 Sports Ride on Rechargeable Battery Operated Bike₹12,799.00
SHAKYA WORLD R1 Sports Ride on Rechargeable Battery Operated Bike Motorcycle₹13,499.00
SHAKYA WORLD Battery Operated Electric Sports Ride on Lamborg Battery Bike₹11,799.00

Several other models of electric bikes are also available, but the bikes mentioned above are among the best in the market right now available in India.

Electric bikes for kids

Since children are our future and every parent must inculcate good habits in their children, it is recommended that parents introduce children to environment-friendly practices since the beginning of their childhood. One such step towards making an environmentally aware and caring child is to teach kids to electric bikes.

Electric bikes for kids are fun to keep them engaged and utilize their time. Electric bikes are suited for children above eight years of age. Electric bikes are also an excellent option to give as a birthday present or present to a kid if they are about to start schooling. It is a perfect gift for both girls and boys.

Various electric bikes are available for the kids in the market, equipped with carriers or baskets. They also include torches and led lights. Some of them are installed with glowing neon lights also. Several fancy electric bikes and electric dirt bikes are available. Although one issue is that electric dirt bikes are not readily or easily available everywhere in several so-called small cities and towns. But not to worry, you can buy them online from various websites like amazon, in, firstCry India, Fliptoy, etc.

What are electric dirt bikes?

Electric dirt bike for kids is a variant of electric bikes only. The dirt bikes available for kids usually have four tires. Dirt bikes are designed and meant to ride on rough terrain: rough, bumpy roads and muddy or filled with small pebbles. These roads are also called offroads, but since we are considering it for children, dirt bikes for kids are just a design variant, nothing more. It might be a bit more costly than the regular electric bikes.

How to choose Electric bike for kids in India?

Electric bikes are available in India for different age groups. It is available for the age group of one to seven and also for kids of more than seven years of age. Electric bikes in India come in different price ranges. Also, some of the expensive electric bikes for kids are Ayaan Toys battery-operated ride bikes with balancing wheels. These are available for sixteen to seventeen thousand rupees. It is also available in different models and different colors.

However, we should not forget that some critical safety measures and rules should be considered before a kid sits on their electric bike, even for a short distance.

Safety measures or rules for children while riding an electric bike

Always wear a bike helmet

Wear a helmet that fits you well to protect your head if you fall. Fasten the belts and straps of your helmet; the helmet should cover the forehead and be of the perfect size for the head; it should not fall back. Put reflective stickers on your helmet if you are going on the main road for a ride.

Wear elbow pads

Do not forget to wear elbow pads to protect your elbows if you fall from the bike.

Wear gloves of the proper size

Wear hand gloves of the proper size specially designed to ride a bike to give you a good grip.

Wear knee pads:

Wearing knee pads is another safety measure to protect the knees from getting injured and save yourself from long-lasting scars, which sometimes remain for a lifetime.

Avoid going on busy roads, ride your bike indoors and if you do not have space in your colonies, then go for a ride in a park or early in the morning when there is little to no traffic.

Be safe and enjoy your ride

Electric bikes are fun to play with and keep a child active and engaged; riding bicycles enhances concentration and coordination. It helps in better focus, which is also suitable for studies.                                                                                                                                             

It is indispensable to learn to ride a bike; it is one of the first steps towards feeling independent. As we all know, electric bikes are a bit expensive. One can also buy second-hand electric bikes that are refurbished and found in good condition for their kid.

Gift your child an electric bike today and make him happy. Enjoy the ride.