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July 25, 2024

Pitbull Dog Price in India, Physical Appearance, Types and Benefits

Pitbull Price in India

American Pit-bull Terrier is commonly known as the Pit-bull worldwide as everyone knows that a dog is a man’s best friend. Likewise, Pit bulls are also a great option to keep with yourself and befriend them. They are loyal, friendly, people-oriented, non-ferocious, gentle, and affectionate.

Pit bulls are great with children, making them good family dogs. However, Pit-bull is an umbrella term for twelve to thirteen sub-breeds or categories of Pit-bull. These are available in different colors. 

This dog has a strong build, medium-sized with short hair. Pit bulls are considered to be intelligent, playful, and stubborn. It is comparatively easier to train pit bulls as they live to please their owners. Pit bulls are believed to have descended from the British Isles (a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean consisting primarily of Great Britain, Ireland, and more than six hundred small islands).

Pit Bulls Physical Appearance and Types

Pit bulls are adorable dogs; it is appealing to the eyes to look at them. They somewhat resemble a bulldog but are smaller in size. Pit bulls have large eyes of the shape of an almond, and they have a square-shaped face with a square-shaped nose, long and straight tails. Their ears are leaf-shaped, making them too cute and loving.

OriginUnited States
HeightMale: 40 cm – 55 cm, Female: 40 cm – 50 cm
WeightMale: 20 Kg – 90 Kg, Female: 25 Kg – 50 Kg
Lifespan12 – 15 Years
Price in IndiaRanges from INR 9,000 – INR 80,000

Sub-types of Pit Bulls

There are further sub-breeds of pit bulls which are mentioned below:

  1. American Pit-bull Terrier:  They are commonly found; it is easy to train them. They also act as alert alarms and start barking if they sense a new person. It is playful and a perfect companion.
  2. Red Nose Pit-bull: As the name suggests, this particular type of pitbull has a red or copper color nose by which it is identified. It is considered to be a rare breed.
  3. Blue Nose Pitbull: This sub-type of pitbull again is differentiated based on its nose color. It has a greyish-blue nose. Even their skin, eyes, and nails are of the same color tone. They are playful and energetic. Unfortunately, these dogs are prone to various health issues pertaining to their genes.’
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier: This breed is shorter in height than the American Terrier. 
  5. American Staffordshire Terrier: These dogs are good with humans but often show repulsion towards other dogs. This breed needs to be trained well.
  6. Bull Terrier: They look different from other Pitbulls. These have triangle-shaped eyes with a long faces. Since this sub-type is highly energetic, it needs proper attention and training by keeping it engaged in exercises daily; socialization is also crucial for this dog; otherwise, it becomes ferocious towards other dogs and humans.
  7. Monster Blue:  These have a strong jaw and require toys to chew. This sub-type of pitbull is not very common.
  8. Chamuco: It is a Mexican breed of pitbull. It is uncommon. It is a possessive and protective dog.
  9. Stuffawler: This sub-type is aggressive and requires proper training, exercise, and attention.
  10. Colby: It is a light ( in terms of weight) variety of pitbull.
  11. Cobra: This sub-breed of pitbull looks somewhat like the red-nosed pit bull. It is rare to find a cobra pitbull. It sometimes has each eye of different colors which make them magnificent.
  12. Pynat: This sub-breed of pitbull has a lean but muscular build. It is easily recognized. They are available in tan, brown, and other colors. These dogs are vigilant by nature.
  13. Spike: This breed is known as Pitmation too. It is a mixture of Pit-bull and Dalmatian (another dog breed). These dogs usually have light-colored fur with dark spots on them.

What type of Pit Bull is available in India and Price?  

In India, the American Pitbull Terrier is most commonly found. Pitbull in India can be found almost in all cities and towns. Pitbull price in India has an extensive range. It is available for INR 9000, and its cost can go up to INR 80,000. The price will depend upon the purity of the breed.

Check out Pit Bull Price in India City Wise:

CityPrice in Indian Rupees
DelhiINR 30,000 – INR 44,000
KeralaINR 9,000 – INR 80,000
KolkataINR 20,000 – INR 35,000

Get a dog’s health certificate from the breeders so that you are not fooled and given an unhealthy dog that is prone to hereditary diseases.

You can safely choose Pitbulls as your companion dog. They are loyal, friendly, and playful.

Benefits of having a Pit Bull as a pet

Pitbulls are comparative more healthy than other breeds of dogs. Pitbulls are low-maintenance pets; they do not need a bath very often because they have short hair.

These dogs are people-oriented and love to please them. Thus they are playful and caring towards humans. Pitbulls are athletic dogs. They have immense energy, so if you have a child in your house who needs a companion to play with, do not think much, and bring a pitbull home, it will engage your child.

Although Pit bulls are considered family dogs, they are also a great companion for single people living away from their families and do not have anyone to shower them with love and care.

In a Nutshell

Dogs are great in relieving your stress; it does not let you feel alone. They will greet you with their wagging tail and wide smile when you reach home after long and tiring work, giving you a sense of belonging.

Playing with a dog can help lower blood pressure which further reduces the chances of a heart attack.

There are various scientifically-proven benefits of having a dog. Since Pitbulls are adorable little dogs, you should consider buying one if you plan to get a dog. If you feel that its price is a bit out of your budget, you can inquire in dog shelter homes and get a pitbull for free if available for adoption.

Dogs also need proper attention and care like humans, provide your dog with all the medicines and vaccines by consulting an excellent veterinary doctor, consult properly about the diet and food given to a pit bull. Introduce your pitbull in its early days only to other people and dogs so that it does not become anti-social in the future.

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