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April 20, 2024

Everything you need to know about Interlocking Mats

Your landing on this page means that you are in search of the interlocking mats. Well, definitely they have a range of purpose and measurement and thus, to offer you comprehensive knowledge of it and its use, this content can be valuable. 

What do you mean by Interlocking Mats?

Interlocking mats are also known as interlocking floor mats that are manufactured of EVA. EVA or the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is one of the best products that can be used for the production of interlocking mats. With the range of inherited features of EVA, it adds to the benefit of the products. The name interlocking makes it clear that they have the locking edge pattern, which adds to the appeal of the mats. 

Interlocking mats are initially manufactured in a huge size, and then they are being cut as per the size and patterns of the edges. Most commonly, the interlocking mats are available in a range of colours – mostly colourful. The bright colours are offered in these to make them aesthetically pleasing and suffice the customer’s requirements. 

Besides, when it comes to portability, these mats certainly are a great choice. The amazing interlocking pattern offers a continuous and seamless pattern that resembles the way tiles are laid. This is the reason why these days, the interlocking rubber mats have a huge range of uses.

Common Specification of the Interlocking Mats:

Size1m x 1m,  1ft x 1ft, 2ft x 2ft
Thickness10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm
ColorsRed, Blue, Purple, Yellow
Density10 to 300kg per cubic meters


The availability of a range of thicknesses and sizes makes it find great usage in a range of purposes. However, coming to the feature, they have been able to take the market with the incredible feature. Some of the most common features of the interlocking mats are: 

Comfortable and soft: One of the prime reasons that make EVA interlocking mats grow its demand is the softness that it can offer. It has a range of thickness, and therefore you can choose as per the needs. The softness delivered by these mats makes them find great use in the kids’ area. 

Therefore if you have kids in your home, it is always a great choice to choose the EVA kids interlocking mats. These can offer them the comfort and softness they need. Besides, adults can also find it valuable in several areas especially when you are associated with sports. 

Easy Installation: When you choose the quality interlocking rubber mats for your purpose, you can stay assured that you don’t have to pay for professional installation. Since these are available in a proper shape, you can just disassemble and install them on the floor. 

Besides, it does not take much time to install. Therefore, not only you are investing in something that is visually appealing at a reasonable price, but also since it does not need any professional installation, you can assess it pretty much on your own.

Durable and Eco-friendly: The best part of the rubber interlocking mats is that even when they have some of the best features and looks great, they don’t wear out easily. The rubber makes it durable and can endure the activities that you need to do on mats. 

Besides being eco-friendly in nature, you can stay assured that you are not doing harm to the environment. You can use it absolutely without feeling the guilt of distorting the natural balance of the environment. 

Slip Resistant: One of the best quality about the rubber interlocking mats is that it has a good grip with the floor. Unlike other materials, EVA quality interlocking mats do not slip away and result in an accident. The firm grip of the rubber helps you to practice without the need to worry. 

When you install this on the floor in your gym or maybe from your sports activity, you will immediately find that these mats take a proper grip on the floor. This is what makes them face even a greater demand among the sports industry and in gyms. 

Absorb impact: Rubbers have the inherited quality of being soft and offering the cushion underneath your knees and other body parts. Since falling can result in accidents, therefore there is always a need for having the impact absorption features. 

Thankfully, the interlocking rubber mats can be largely rewarding in times of an accident. They have features and offer a cushion that can easily absorb the impact. This is the reason why kids’ play areas are mostly installed with interlocking mats. 

Easy Cleaning: Even when they are available in a range of colours and offer amazing benefits to you, the best part is they still can be clean in a household manner. You don’t have to call professionals for cleaning as normal cleaning is enough to maintain its originality.

Areas of use of the Interlocking Rubber Mats:

  • Home: gym mats for those to exercise at home
  • Kids mats to ensure safety at home
  • Gyms: Gym mats to offer a safe ground for exercising
  • Dance Classes: Colorful interlocking floor mats for smooth training
  • Sports Centers: Different types of sports centres requires the use of interlocking mats. Some of the most common mats include:-
  • Kabaddi Mats
  • Kho-Kho Mats
  • Taekwondo Mats
  • Karate Mats
  • Martial Art Mats

Key Benefits Of Interlocking Rubber Mats in Professional Sports:

  • Offer friction with your feet 
  • Have cushion to prevent injuries
  • Improve the performance
  • Can be easily installed and maintained
  • Noise absorption ability
  • Anti-skid property 
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing and uplifting

To conclude, interlocking mats are one of the best choices in the markets that can be used for a range of purposes. Whether it is at your home for kids, or at kids for students or gym for the people or for fitness centers to prevent injuries, these interlocking rubber mats have become inevitable. Besides, the support it offers to your joints can be helpful in playing some of the most challenging sports like kabaddi and kho-kho.

Therefore whether you are an athlete or a gym person, install the best quality interlocking mats today to make the place safe for practice.