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July 19, 2024

What are the many benefits of Akarna Dhanurasana (Archer Pose)?

Akarna Dhanurasana meaning in hindi (अकर्ण धनुरासन का मतलब हिंदी में)

अकर्म धरुरासन का अर्थ है खिचे हुए धनुष या बाण जैसा आकार। जब कोई बाण चलता है तो बाण का पिचला हिस्सा कान तक खिचकर लाना पढ़ता है। अर्थात ये आसन वही स्थिति का प्रदर्शनकरता है और इसिलिए आकर्ण धनुरासन के नाम से प्रचिलित है।

Akarna Dhanurasana is the Sanskrit word that denotes “karna” which denotes the pose of the ear bow. A, which is the prefix of akarna dhanurasana saus “near” and “dhanur” means bow. Therefore while practicing this asana, the person’s body needs to look like a bow and arrow. This will be just the way when the archer aims at a target and is ready to release the arrow. Henceforth, akarna dhanurasana is also popular as the shooting bow pose and the prime aspect of this asana is when the person gets the ability to pull the foot near their ear.

This asana is performed in a sitting position when the practitioner needs to sit on the floor and stretch arms, legs and the spinal muscles. This needs balance and strength to be able to retain the posture.

Performing this specific posture will need to have the grasp on both toes and hands. While we will have a look at the details about the steps, you must know that you require having the ability to pull your foot back by flexing both knee and elbow. The legs need to be stretched further in order to reach the ear and eventually extend legs vertically.

Meaning of Akarna Dhanurasana (अकर्ण धनुरासन का अर्थ):

This is a Sanskrit word where “Karna” means “Ear”, “Dhanura” means “bow” and “Asana” means “posture.” The prefix A before karna means towards or near. Therefore in order to create this posture, the practitioner needs to take one of their feet near their ear while keeping the second leg extended on the ground. While they pull one foot near their ear keeping the second one on the ground, the posture must resemble an archer where the arrow is all set to release from the bow.

This posture therefore has several names like bow-and-arrow , shooting bow, and definitely the archer pose.

History of Akarna Dhanurasana (अकर्ण धनुरासन का इतिहास) :

This pose was elaborated in “Svatmarama’s Hatha Yoga Pradipika” as Dhanurasana. Apart from this, it is also mentioned and described in Sritattvanidhi from the 19th century. But the truth is that modern yoga is a lot different compared to the dhanurasana which you might know.

If You are willing to know the Akarna Dhanurasana steps, you might find it in the following section. However, you must keep in mind that it is hard to master the posture and requires rigorous practice and dedication.

What are the Akarna Dhanurasana steps (अकर्ण धनुरासन के चरण क्या हैं)?

  • You must start from the sitting position which is also known as dandasana
  • Hold your toes together by wrapping the middle, index and thumb finger around
  • Exhale and then left your left foot by flexing the knee and elbow
  • Inhale deeply and exhale while you pull up the left foot until your heel reach near your left ear
  • At the same time, take the left arm back from your shoulder
  • Hold the right toe with your right hand while keeping the right leg completely straight
  • Keep the posture for 15 to 20 second and breath normally
  • Exhale while pulling your left leg and extending it vertically
  • Inhale and then while you exhale, you must bring the left teg back until it touches your left ear.
  • Holding both your toes maintains the balance and integrity of your body and mind
  • Hold the posture for the next 10 to 15 minutes and maintain normal breathing
  • Exhale and then bend your left knee and try to bring it near your ear
  • After this, you need to bring your left legs on the floor by extend the legs forward
  • Repeat the posture by lifting your right leg and keep your left leg on the floor
  • Once you are done on both the sides, release your legs and hands to relax

What props  can you use for the Akarna dhanurasana steps (अकर्ण धनुरासन स्टेप्स के लिए आप किन प्रॉप्स का उपयोग कर सकते हैं)?

There are different props available that can be used to perform the steps. These are some of them:

  • Yoga Strap: You can use this by sitting close to the wall and then tying the strap to form a loop like structure overhead. You can perform the asanas and using the loop, you can rest the arch created by the lifted foot when you vertically extend it. Besides, yoga straps can also be used for grabbing your lower foot. You need to wrap the strap on the foot of your rested leg. Holding the strap enables keeping the foot in place and then left and extending it, as mentioned. 
  • Chair: When you are sitting in the dandasana posture, you can keep a chair near the shoulder. While lifting your leg by holding your big toe and while it reaches your ear, you can use the chair to rest your foot. 
  • Against the pillar: You can sit in the dandasana posture beside the pillar. Hold your leg next to the pillar while you extend it further upward. As you start straightening it up. Using the pillar you can rest your geel. This will hold a steady pose.

What are the therapeutic application of Akarna Dhanurasana (Archer Pose) अकर्ण धनुरासन (आर्चर पोज़) के चिकित्सीय अनुप्रयोग क्या हैं?

  • This asana is found to be beneficial for the people suffering from backache
  • If you suffer from a frozen shoulder, this can be beneficial as a lot of stretches are included in this pose
  • This pose can be advantageous to cure sciatica
  • This asana can be a good choice if you wish to mitigate discomfort with menstrual irregularity or abdominal pain
  • It helps in making the joints flexible therefore can be a great choice to treat rheumatoid arthritis
  • This comes with the relieving effects for people suffering from tonsillitis, cough or tuberculosis
  • Patients who are suffering from asthma can have positive impact of this asana was it improve the breathing capacity
  • It improves digestion and treat constipation
  • It has this amazing potential to cure lumps or tumours on armpits
  • You will feel relief while you perform the pose if you experience pain in loins

What are the Akarna Dhanurasana benefits (क्या हैं अकर्ण धनुरासन के लाभ)?

Tones your abdomen: While you perform  akarna dhanurasana (Archer Pose), the core muscle gets stretched when you hold the posture. This stimulates your abdominal organs and burns the fat available around it. Constant practice results in toning the muscles.

Strengthen your arms and legs: Akarna Dhanurasana pose will need the practitioner to intensely stretch the leg muscles. Apart from legs, arms joints which comprise elbows and shoulders are also used while the pose. This results in improving blood flow thereby making them stronger. Besides, organ stimulation is also helpful in digestion.

Improves flexibility in your sine and hips: The pose starts from dandasana which means sitting on the floors while lifting the legs up. This stretches your hip flexors. The spine is stimulated and kept erected from lower back to the crown. It also enhances the flexibility.

Better blood circulation: it opens up the chest and improves the efficiency of your heart. This improves the blood flow in knees, abdominal region and hips. The heart opening results in improved circulatory functioning.

Improves functioning of liver and kidneys: This pose exerts pressure on your internal organs like liver and kidney. It tends to massage the organs. Besides, spleen functioning is also improved. Your overall immune system strengthens with this asana.

Enhance concentration: This asana will need your concentration as this is a challenging position where you need to balance your body. While you are holding the pose, your brain is completely concentrated. This improves your focus.

When should you not perform Akarna Dhanurasana (Archer Pose) (अकरण धनुरासन कब नहीं करना चाहिए)?

  • You must avoid practicing if you are pregnant or you are on your periods
  • You must avoid practicing of you have an injury on your hamstrings and shoulders
  • You should not practice is you have issues on your lower back or herniated disk
  • You should not chose practicing if you have recently had a surgery around the hips, shoulders, arms or spine

There are endless benefits of akarna dhanurasana (Archer Pose). However, you need to keep in mind that performing properly is the key to enjoying the  akarna dhanurasana benefits. Therefore, if you wish to maintain a balance and harmony between your mind and body, you must start with  akarna dhanurasana and then move ahead.

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