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April 15, 2024

Five ways an ICSE Education will benefit your child

ICSE Board

Choosing the right boarding school is crucial for giving your child the best education. The Indian education system has made reforms in many ways, and the ICSE board is the predominant national-level board. Choosing the right board will significantly impact the future of your child. It will help them choose a career and help them pursue their goals in life.

Following are the five ways an ICSE education will benefit your child-

  1. Nationally and globally recognized

The ICSE board is a board that is nationally and globally recognized. The ICSE certificate of passing issued on the completion of the grade 10th exam stands at par with all the other nationally-recognized boards. Several foreign institutions also recognize this certificate. It is equivalent to a high school examination in foreign countries.

  • Rich, balanced and wholesome content

The board’s content and syllabus are comprehensive and in-depth for a better understanding of the students. ICSE board focuses on all the subjects and gives an equal weightage to all the languages, arts and humanities. This way, the students can expand their horizons, allowing for a more balanced, wholesome and inclusive education. The medium of instruction is English, and the teachers emphasize strengthening the students’ language skills. This will help the students when they apply to universities abroad for higher education.

  • Practical engagement and assessment

The structure of ICSE requires all the students to look beyond the quintessential textbook pattern of studying. The faculty sees that the students venture into the labs and gather hands-on experience to get a practical insight into the concepts and learn everything in-depth. A heavy weightage is given to the project, research, group, and internal assignments. It allows the students to prove their mettle. It helps them expand their horizons. Thus, one should enroll their child in an ICSE school.

  • Strong basics and foundation

The education board compels the students to look for quality over quantity; hence, the students are encouraged to diversify their interests and develop curious questioning. This way, the students develop an analytical approach to learning. The methodology has evolved immensely over the last few years, which has also elevated the standard and quality of education. It gives the students a strong foundation for whatever career option they choose. They focus on the overall development of the students as they want their students to unleash their best not only in academics but in other spheres of life, such as sports and extra-curricular activities.

  • Immense future potential

Combining syllabus with global content, evolved teaching methodologies, and a focus on satisfying analytical minds has helped students who want to pursue higher studies abroad. A good base of the English language is also cultivated in the students, and this gives the ICSE students an edge over the other Indian students in the examinations like TOEFL and IELTS. ICSE schools have adopted a well-researched teaching methodology. The teachers give them a proper environment that nurtures learning and provides them an atmosphere which makes students confident and increase their quest for knowledge.