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July 25, 2024

Saluki Dog Price in India | Appearance, History, Grooming

Saluki Dog Price in India

An outline of the ideal dog for each recognized breed, established by a parent breed group and formally recognized by national or international organizations, is used as the standard against which dogs are evaluated at shows. They have exceptional hunting instincts and are among the most attractive canines around. This oldness has been shown by DNA evidence.

It is a well-known fact that medium-sized hounds hunt just about everything and anything that moves.

These dogs have pretty much-unmatched strength and endurance. They are great hunters, displaying style as they move!

What is the Saluki Dog price in India?

A base category Saluki dog typically costs between 30,000 and 40,000 rupees in India. Anywhere from INR 50,000 to INR 80,000 would buy you a Saluki of show grade. For between INR 40,000 and INR 50,000, you can register a puppy with the Kennel Club of India.

Main factors behind the price

  • The requirements of the ideal breed will be most closely resembled by dogs that show quality.
  • Variables that impact the price.
  • Several aspects will influence the price if you want to buy a Saluki.
  • Your pet’s age and gender Male dogs of all breeds are the most popular. A dog’s price increases with its level of demand. 

A dog’s rarity and availability

You’ll pay less for dog breeds that are widely accessible and frequently kept as pets in a particular area.

Dogs that are uncommon, specially bred, or imported from afar come with additional costs, such as shipping.

In India, the Saluki is a relatively uncommon breed of dog and is not widely accessible. The species is, therefore, more expensive than average.

It is still less expensive compared to a few other rare pups in India.

Breed with no blemishes

A breed’s purity will rely on the breeder and its lineage. For a healthy pet, pick a purebred dog over a mixed-breed dog. Purebred dogs are less likely to experience hereditary health problems.

Since a purebred Saluki has the slightest chance of inheriting genetic issues, it will cost you more than a mixed-breed Saluki.

Always pick a reputable breeder when selecting a dog. Spending extra is still a wise decision in the situation.

Crown bloodline

Your dog is descended from champions if any of Sauki’s ancestors have won dog show championships. The price of your pet will increase.

It will improve his chances of doing well in dog shows to have a dog with champion bloodlines.

Would you like your animals to compete in dog shows and do well? Now that you are informed, you can make an informed decision. 


Adoption is a choice that potential pet parents can make at any time. Adoption is an option if you’re seeking a pet to bring home that isn’t a result of breeding.

You could be responsible for certain costs related to the dog’s rescue and immunizations. Your Saluki dog’s overall cost will decrease if it is adopted.

You must be prepared to acknowledge that adoption has its benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, it will make you pleased to be the pet parent of a friend who needs a home. If you have the proper knowledge and attitude, only move forward. 


They resemble a slender supermodel due to their long, narrow head and sleek, lean frame. At shoulder level, Saluki males range in height from 23 to 28 inches; females vary significantly in size. The weight range for this breed is 75–150 kg.

Golden, grizzle and tan, white, cream, black and tan, fawn, and even tricolour are some of the many colours of a Saluki (white, black, and tan). The breed’s entire body can be smooth with sparse, neat featherings.

Some may have feathers on the bottom of their tails, the backs of their thighs, and occasionally their shoulders. 

Their large ears distinguish Salukis. They have long, silky hair covering them. The nose will seem to be black or liver-coloured. Their friendly demeanour and a high degree of intelligence are reflected in their pear-shaped eyes.

Background and History

The main reason the Arabs bred Salukis was for hunting. Pharaohs utilized them for hunting gazelles and hares with falcons.

Did you realize it? One of the 14 dog breeds with the fewest genetic deviations from wolves is the Saluki. According to research, the ancient breed is one of the few living descendants of the original canines. Their roving pet parents deserve praise for their global presence.

According to one theory, these dogs got their name from the ancient Yemeni city of Saluk. Another states that Seleucia in Syria is where they got it from. According to a third explanation, the Arabic word for hound is Saluki. Images of dogs with Greyhound-like bodies and feathered ears, tails, and legs may be seen on Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 2100 BCE. These images date back to around 4000 BC and are very similar to Salukis.

He is elegant in speed, strength, and endurance, and the Arabs call him the Noble. Salukis thrive in environments where they may run, chase, and exercise. It is recommended to provide the breed with a good, covered side space of 300 to 400 feet. 


One of the purest breeds—not even a dog scent—is the Saluki! They are a breed that sheds little and is easy to groom. Salukis’ feathery or smooth coats scarcely need any maintenance.

Once a week, brushing will get rid of dead hair. Feathering is prone to tangles; combing is required once or twice a week to get rid of them. By combing or brushing the coat, you may equally disperse the natural skin oils.

Only if your Saluki is filthy will bathing be necessary. Otherwise, a little cleaning with a moist cloth would be enough.

We advise you to brush your Saluki’s teeth at least twice a week, ideally daily. It will stop the onset of canine gum disorders. Are your pet’s nails clicking as they walk? It would be best if you cut them back now. Once or twice a month, trim your dog’s nails or ask your veterinarian to do it for you.