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April 15, 2024
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Golfers Tips – What You Need To Know

If you have been playing golf for any amount of time, you have probably heard all of the top golfer’s tips. “Keep your head down, tuck in your back elbow and swing from the inside out.” To be able to use these tips to improve your game though you have to understand why they are important to hitting a good shot.

The biggest problems that most beginning golfers face are getting the ball up in the air and hitting the ball straight, things that are easily correctable if you follow the tips. 

“Keep your head down.” This is so important for so many reasons but it isn’t just about keeping your head down; it is about keeping your body low throughout the whole swing. The image of keeping your head down is a good one to use to get the golfer thinking about not pulling up and missing the ball or topping it. As you keep your head down, focus your eyes on a spot behind the ball and try and stay focused on that spot long after contact. This will make sure that the ball will get up into the air quickly. Too many people come up out of their swing too soon causing inconsistent contact and a great deal of frustration. 

“Tuck in your back elbow.” Some golf teachers call this problem the chicken wing or the flying elbow. It is critical for a successful golf swing that the back arm stays close to the body. This is important because it helps ensure that you are taking the club back on the proper plane

When the elbow pops up or flies out, it promotes an outside-in swing which will cause you to slice the ball. For right-handed golfers, hitting a big bender from left to right is the most common problem. To correct the slice, you must swing from the inside – out which promotes the right to left ball movement. A draw will carry much farther than a slice and add a great deal of distance to your shots. 

“Swing from the inside out.” This golfers tip goes hand in hand with tucking in your back elbow. It cannot be stressed enough that to have a proper golf swing, the club must come back around the body. Many golfers make the mistake of picking the club straight up instead of taking it straight back.

When you are told to swing from the inside out, what the pro is saying is start the club straight back and then bring it in closer to your body as you turn. This will produce maximum power and provide the maximum roll after the shot hits the ground because of the topspin that it imparts on the ball. An excellent website that provides information on e-Sports Hamburg. Visit their website for more information.

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