May 27, 2024
Digital Marketing

How To Create Attention Grabbing Instagram Videos in 2020

Be it for entertainment or marketing, Instagram has become the one magical tool for creative creators. Several in-built tools make it furthermore easier to create and curate content and successfully engage with the audience. Instagram videos, if made well, can be one of the most powerful tools. Visuals are always more attractive and attention-grabbing, but multimedia takes a leap further.

Instagram videos can be anywhere in between 3 to 60 seconds and can be uploaded using your mobile, transferring videos from other devices to your mobile, and recently Instagram has also taken into consideration uploading pictures from your computer or laptop, as well. This simply opens up several doors of opportunities. The flexibility of creating and uploading content in several ways ensures that you can hit the highest level of creativity while experimenting with different styles.

Instagram videos are gaining popularity more and more with each passing day. Video contents are the most shared type of content over the platform and best tools especially for marketers and business owners to create engaging content to simply hook their customer.

Whether you are a business owner, marketer or budding creator, you are just at the right place if you want a kick start your Instagram journey with attention-grabbing Instagram videos. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Be specific about your goals

The planning starts with this very thought. Even before beginning with shooting your video, be very specific and clear about your goals and visions. Ask yourself what’s your main purpose behind making the video. Whether you want to gain new followers, or you simply want to engage with your existing followers? Do you want to drive your audience to your audience or you simply doing it for engagement? Once these questions are answered it will be easier for you to decide upon the tone and the feel of your video.

Be a good storyteller

Remember people are only going to engage with your story or spend their time watching your Instagram video, only if they find it to be interesting or it adds some value to their lives. Use the tool to your advantage and tell your story in the best way you can. Not necessarily like a face to face interaction, but it can be of any form or format for that matter. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional on the matter or create a storyboard, but create an engaging sequence and then develop on that.

Be conscious about the lighting

While creating a video, lighting can make it or break it. So, be very specific about the lighting. Make sure that it matches the tone and feel of your story. If you are doing a “talking head” or portrait style video, then make sure that your subject, or the person, in this case, is properly lit. You need not spend a huge amount on lighting as natural light can also be a great source. Avoid overhead lights as it creates harsh shadows and unless you are opting for that kind of a look, it is not suggested in any scenario.

Last but not the least, get creative and don’t forget to have fun with your creation. It only becomes a great work when you put your heart and soul into it. And to do so, you need to love the whole procedure of creation.

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