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June 16, 2024

Great Dane Price in India, Temperament & Appearance

Great Dane Price in India

There is probably no one who has yet to hear about the Great Dane. This is majestic and one of the giant dog breeds available in the world. It was initially bred in Germany and was known as a hunting dog. However, the Great Dane has now become famous throughout the globe and is known for its regal appearance and gentle temperament. However, if you are eager to pet Great Dane, you must be looking forward to finding the Great Dane price in India.

So, in this blog, you will be able to find out some vital information about Great Dane and other essential details about the breed.

Great Dane price in India

This majestic breed has a different price range in various cities in India. However, you can keep a fair expectation that they are available from mid-to higher price structure. A lot of factors result in significantly determining the great Dane price in India. However, before We take a look into the factors that affect the Great Dane price in India, let us take a look at the price structure.

The price structure of a Great Dane can range from Rs.7000 to 30,000 and more. If you want to know the basic reasons why Great Dane price in India vary greatly from one city to another, you need to keep reading.

  • Delhi: Rs 9,000 to 30,0000
  • Mumbai: Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000
  • Chennai: Rs.7,000 to Rs.25,000
  • Kolkata: Rs.8,000 to Rs.20,000

Factors that affect the Great Dane price in India 

You must know that there are several factors that strongly influence the Great Dane price in India. Since it is one of the rare and majestic breeds of dogs, you might need to pay higher to pet them. However, before you bring them home, there is also a need to understand if you can provide an ideal situation and environment for this breed.

  • Purity of the breed: 

When it is about the price of a Great Dane, you must know that breed priority is one of the essential factors. According to AKC, which is the new largest purebred registry in the world and maintains a strict protocol for breeding of all breeds, A Great Dane must be 24 inches tall from the shoulder and should weigh above 125 pounds. This age and attribute of a purebred dog can affect the price. 

So, when you choose a breeder that provides you the assurance about such characteristics, it might affect the price, and we’ll take it higher. So if you want to enjoy the real attributes of a Great Dane, it is always recommended to choose a purebred and accredited breeder.

  • Age of the dog: 

As the Great Dane gets older, it becomes more expensive. The reason is that these dogs’ health starts declining, and they will require improved veterinary care. It will require the breeder to spend a lot more compared to a little one. So when you choose a puppy, it might be lower priced compared to an older dog. 

Remember that a Great Dane requires a lot of attention and care. So it is better that you choose a Great Dane while they are a puppy to create a bond and enjoy companionship with these breeds at a lower price.

  • Gender of Great Dane: 

As we already know, the gender of these breeds may also have an effect on the price structure. Generally, males are more expensive compared to females. The reason is that male Great Danes are larger and have muscular bodies. They are wider and have a bigger look. 

On the other hand, females are smaller and have streamlined bodies. Females are obviously better if you are willing to breed and produce puppies. There are several other factors that can greatly impact the Great Dane price in India including health, bloodlines, and coat color.

The appearance of Great Dane:

As we know, the great Danes are large giants with bigger triangular ears and powerful, smooth, muscular bodies. They generally have very short hairs on their body, which can be in different colors like brindle, blue, fawn, black, and several other colors. They are mostly available in black and white patches. They generally have 71 to 86 cm in shoulder length when they stand and convey around 45 to 91 kgs.

The temperament of Great Dane:

Great Dane is mostly popular for being a majestic dog. When they stand, they are proud and tall. This breed can stand straight. Apart from this, they have a very impressive stature which is known for their wonderful temperament. They are incredibly loyal and brave, courageous, friendly, and high-spirited. They are very gentle with children and can provide excellent protection to your state and your family.

In the initial days, this breed was mostly used for hunting. They were bred because of their vast capability, power and being extremely fast. However, they are now known as companion dogs as they make excellent pets and are always ready to provide the protection that their owner requires.

So, if you want to pet a Great Dane, it is time that you start looking for a reliable breeder, offering purebred to enjoy the companionship of this royal and majestic breed.