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July 19, 2024

Ather Electric Scooter Price in India and Specifications

Ather Electric Scooter in India

Do you want to purchase an Ather electric scooter? If yes, you may look forward to finding more detail about these scooters. Not only would you like to know about the specifications but also about the nearby showroom. So in this article, we will share some of the basic specifications of the Ather 450X electric scooter. Reading the specific and other details of the electric scooter will let you make an informed decision. 

Nothing can be a better alternative than an electric scooter when it comes to covering short distances. Since most auto manufacturers are choosing to go electric and save the planet, electric scooters are on the rise. From a range of choices available in the market, the Ather 450X is one of the best choices launched in the market. 

The engine of Ather electric scooter

You might be in search of the best alternative, and so the engine is one of the very first things to check. Well, the engine of the Ather electric scooter makes use of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor of 6kW 26Nm and is linked to the Lithium-ion battery pack of 3.7kWh with a Battery Management System. According to the manufacturer, they have claimed to offer two different modes, like Ride and Eco mode. 

In Eco Mode, the Ather electric scooter can go up to 105 km, and in Ride mode, it is around 85km. The powerful acceleration can go from 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.41 seconds. 

It has been claimed by the manufacturer that on one full charge, this Ather electric scooter can run up to 146 km. So being an electric scooter, this is certainly something great. 

Charging time of Ather electric scooter: 

Since these are electric scooters, you have to make sure that you check the charging time. According to the manufacturer, this scooter has a huge battery. It takes 5.40 hours to get fully charged. 

What are the many variants of Ather 450X? 

Currently, you can find two different variants of Ather electric scooters. These are 450X and 450 Plus. The variants also have some price differences. The Ather electric scooter price in India 450X retails for Rs. 1,39,005, and the Plus variant is Rs. 1,17 495

However, since there are considerable differences between the features and design, you definitely need to consider them before you choose. 

Designs of Ather 450X: 

The design of this automotive brand has taken a futuristic approach. The overall design of the Ather electric scooter has a real approach. This has a sporty look which makes it a good choice for everyone, irrespective of their gender. It has an LED headlight in an apron-mounted 

Features of Ather 450X: 

If you are looking forward to finding a great smart electric scooter, the Ather 450X is a great choice. It has been included with a range of features. Riders can enjoy multiple features, from LED lights throughout to other amazing features and connectivity options. It has inbuilt Google Map navigation along with digital document storage. 

You can find all the inbuilt features and access it on a 7-inch touchscreen. This has been properly updated with the Snapdragon processor with the Android operating system. It also has a Bluetooth connection for call and music control. 

Choose the top Ather electric scooter showroom near me

Now that you have checked the specifications and features of the electric scooter, it is time for you to look for a nearby showroom. You can easily search on Google for the Ather electric scooter showroom near me and can find the top nearby showrooms.