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July 25, 2024

How Technology Can Now Guarantee Data Protection?

If you want to know how technology can now guarantee information protection, you are in the right place.  Gone are the days of antivirus, firewall and other such over a decade old technologies now.  With GDPR, CCPA and other regulations imposing hefty fines for organizations not complying with information security, it has become mandatory. The information breach of the US Office of Personnel Management and others has also increased the need for information security. Check out how technology can guarantee your information security:-

The rising need for information security

Only in the last two years over the collection of 90 % of the 59 zettabytes information available now happened. It is because over half the world population is online creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of information daily.  With so much information production to only increase the need for compliance with data protection, it will be challenging for any big or small organization. But GDPR imposes fines up to 24million US Dollars or 4% of the annual income for those not complying with its regulations.  Small businesses could lose from 30,000 to 120,000 US dollars for fines if not complying with information security regulations. Hence, there is a raising need for big and small organizations to comply with information security regulations.

Ways technology guarantee information security

With so many fines, only the technology that helps collect information should also guarantee information security in the following ways. 

Cloud information security technologies

With most of today’s information stored in the cloud, it becomes pertinent to ensure that the information stored in it or transferred does not get hacked, stolen or tampered.  There are many cloud technology tools available today for information security in the cloud and compliance with the regulations.

Information backup & recovery

Since the colossal information is the fuel for the digital business world, it is the backup and recovery of it being the lifelines during any information breach or loss.  The information backup technologies with many features like automatic continuous backup ensure all files’ changes get simultaneously copied in the storage location.  The incremental backup will  copy only the changes without the full file to reduce the time that slows down the work. Instant recovery helps to back up a snapshot for running temporarily on secondary storage to minimize downtime. The information deduplication feature eliminates duplicate information record blocks while transferring information to the storage location. Cloud information backup has many advantages like fast file recovery, easy accessibility and for tackling corrupted documents. 

Blockchain technology improves information security

Many experts expect the blockchain being the revolutionary technology to strengthen information security, authenticity and integrity.  

Many other technologies like burning the computer chips to dust, encrypting everything, creating imaginary zoos to trap hackers and others guarantee compliance and data protection as per the many regulations.