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April 20, 2024

The Essentials Of Keeping Your Cattle Happy!

The life of a dairy farmer revolves around cattle. The cattle play a significant role in every dairy farmer’s life. Yet, whether intentionally or unintentionally, dairy farmers somehow miss to consider how happy their cattle is. No matter how impractical it may seem, studies show that happier cows produce better quality and measure of milk. Yes, the happier and healthier the cow, the more would be the milk yields.

Therefore, keeping your cattle healthy and happy is the best thing you can do to prevent your dairy farm from suffering. Well, Vansun is dedicated to keeping your cattle happy. The high-end milking machines by Vansun are not only 100% safe for the cattle, but also give them a painless and effortless milking experience; thanks to their vacuum milk extraction technology. Furthermore, these dairy farm milking solutions also help increase milk yields, proving to be a win-win for dairy farmers. Not only through milking machines, Vansun has ensured the happiness of cattle and dairy farmers alike with many other dairy-farming equipment and machines

The Need to Keep Your Cows Happy

The most important reason for you to keep your cattle happy is that your cattle is providing a lavish living to you. Every life on this planet deserves to lead a happy life and so does your cattle. Apart from humanitarian and ethical reasons, science has also agreed to the fact that happier cows produce better and more milk. Stressed and unhappy cows, on the other hand, produce less and low quality milk.

How to Keep the Cattle Happy?

Now comes the real question; how can you keep your cattle actually happy? Well, while your cows can’t answer you in words, it is not very tricky to keep your cattle happy. Cows and buffaloes are simple creatures and even the basics can make them happy. Vansun has always contributed to this happiness of cattle through its high quality milking machines and dairy farming equipment. Incorporate the highly demanded milking machines by Vansun in your life, along with following the below listed techniques, to ensure your cattle is healthy and happy.

Comfort of Your Cattle

Whether it is humans or cows, happiness comes from supreme comfort. No living organism can live happily when the basic needs of survival aren’t met adequately and the organism doesn’t feel at ease. This holds true for the cattle in your dairy farm too. Overcrowding of cows is one of the don’ts you must consider. Every cow or buffalo in your dairy farm must have enough room to sit and stand comfortably. Enough space makes the cow feel at ease, and thus reduces the stress levels.

Food And Water Access

A good access to the basic needs of survival is the fundamental step to ensure happiness. Imagine yourself getting all the riches of the world but not getting pure drinking water or food to eat. Well, meeting these basic needs are equally important for cattle too, and thus, to ensure your cows and buffaloes are happy, you must give them free access to fresh food and water. Sometimes, when all the cows are fed in the same trough, one of them becomes dominant in scaring others off and having all the food alone. Thus, it becomes viable to ensure each of your cattle is getting enough access to food and water.

Filming Your Cattle

Accept the fact that some of your cattles may get dominant and submis the needs of others. Or, there may be times when your cattle may get injured in your absence. Being a dairy farmer is a tough duty, and thus it becomes impossible to keep an eye on your cattle all day long. Filming your cattle is the best you can do to ensure that you keep an eye on them at all times. 

The Right Milking Procedure

Sometimes, dairy farmers unintentionally hurt their cattle and reduce the milk yields. It’s when they choose the traditional milking procedures that involves exerting great pulling pressure on the teats of the cattle. Well, why choose the traditional methods when you have Vansun right here with its high-end milking machines. These milking machines extract milk from the cattle through vacuum technology. This makes the milking process effortless. Kudos to the superb dairy farm milking solutions!

Seeking A Vet

Safeguarding your cattle’s health is the first most essential requirement to ensure the cattle’s happiness. That’s when you’ll be requiring the help of a veterinarian who’ll be guiding you through the do’s and don’ts of taking care of your cattle. Moreover, if you see any of your cattle in even the slightest trouble, seeking the help of a good veterinarian immediately can be your best bet.

Vansun believes that dairy farming isn’t a cakewalk, and thus offers high quality milking machines and dairy practice equipment to ease dairy farming, maximize milk yields, and ensure cattle safety, comfort and happiness.